My Crystal Journey

I'm sooooo loving this whole crystal caper! I mean we've always put pretty murano glass keychains on our candles but I'm definitely having some fun now! I want to learn how to wire wrap crystals to put on our candles which will tie it all up together nicely! 

In the meantime, My Crystal Journey Collection is growing as I learn.   The pendants have been a huge success and my crystal heart pendants were inspired by an e Cummings poem. 

My surprising discovery are the wire cages.  I thought they might be a little bogan, but it was fun today choosing what tumble stones I was going to wear, and for what reason. 

And ermagherd... Orgonite! I'm gonna have to learn how to do that.  

My Crystal Journey is a tangent of My Hippy Journey, and has come to creation as my path has led me to crystals, for healing and enjoyment.  

There's something mesmerising about crystals, bringing feelings of contentment and a quiet calm that envelopes me when I'm focussing on the vibration of the stone.

With this life of ours becoming more hectic by the day, slowing down even for just a moment can bring about a powerful inner peace,giving you the strength for the challenges that will come. 

I hope you enjoy this path, and find something that inspires you. 

As always, shine bright! 

P. xoxo