Essential Oil Blends available at JOURNEY

JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles has some cool custom essential oil blends! They are fantastic when used in our Ultrasonic Diffusers or some of the electric melt warmers.  Or, go back to basics and make a simple inhalation using the saucepan, hot steamy water and stick your face over it with a towel  .. You can also add a capful to your hot bath, pour yourself a glass of wine and soak your troubles away  

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Available in 10 ml amber dripper bottles.

Chillax - if you've had a particularly stressful day at the office, or something is worrying you, then pop this blend into your diffuser or melt warmer.  Light a candle, and seriously give yourself the time you deserve. 

Cocktails & Dreams - the perfect afternoon mojito blend of Lime, Orange, Pink Grapefruit and spearmint. You'll feel refreshed, and ready to lie lazily by the pool in the afternoon sun.  We recommend pouring yourself a drink with a little umbrella. 

Happy Place - where's your happy place? I know mine is in this blend! A fruity mix of sweet orange,  lime and tangerine will definitely bring a smile to your face. And to  your heart. 

Inspiration - Bergamot, Rosemary, Juniper and patchouli will motivate you to stop procrastinating.  With this blend you might even finish that jumper you started knitting a hundred years ago! 

Namaste - Breathe, roll out your yoga mat and give thanks surrounded by this positively lovely blend of Geranium, Lime, Patchouli, Cedar & Ylang Ylang.

Sleepyhead "Sleep" - Sweet Orange, Lavender & Ylang Ylang.  All of these oils combined will create the perfect balance for a good night's sleep.  Perfect for children and adults alike.