Liquid Soap Foaming Bottle (50 ml, empty) - Dispenser

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A Liquid Soap Foaming Bottle allows you to dispense foam, directly from the bottle, onto your hand! No way! Yes way!

That makes them awesome for travelling or dispensing soap into itty bitty children's hands.  If you are trying to get more bang for your liquid soap buck then these are definitely something for you! 

They are designed to work with liquids that are virtually as thin as water (ie low viscosity). Our liquid soap foam bottles ARE NOT designed for use in the shower - the mesh screen inside the chamber needs to be dry to function properly. So keep these in dry spots like your handbag, nappy bag, edge of the bath, on the vanity and kitchen sink. 

What kind of soap can I put in my foamy bottle? 

You can use many different liquid soaps for our foamy bottles, but I do of course suggest that you use JOURNEY Luxe Body Wash! I'd be crazy not to. 

Follow this link to get yourself some JOURNEY Body Wash to stick in your foamy bottle!

Instructions | Filling your foamy bottle

Don't over fill the base as the pump fitting does need some space when screwed down. If you overfill, you can get liquid into the air chamber, and so this will damage it. The best way is to measure the liquid in a jug and pour this into the container.

Only tighten the lid until finger tight, if you over tighten the closure a vacuum will form.

Trouble Shooting

The pump is refillable and re-useable. The manufacturer has tested the mechanism and found they last for up to 12,000 pumps! However, if you have a problem, these tips should help:

No foam!

Is the soap dilute enough? If it is too thick and you persist it can permanently damage the mechanism. 

It's not working now! - Is the screen clogged?

Tinsy particles are the enemy of Foamy Bottles! We recommend not filling with any liquid soap (including our own) that contains shimmer or mica to colour. If you have though don't panic!  Try emptying the container, clean the screen and flush with water. 

It won't pump foam

The best way to avoid this is to avoid water into the air compartment. To ensure it pumps freely for ages and ages, just ensure you don't clean the pump under running water or by submerging it in water. If it begins to stick, simply turn upside down (like an aerosol paint can) and pump it a couple of times.

How long has there been moisture in the Chamber?

If this has been a while, basically it has had time to break down, and the spring mechanism is unlikely to work again.

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