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Breathe - Crystal Infused Healing Oil

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Our Breathe, Crystal-infused Healing Oil with eucalyptus and mint EOs will relieve symptoms of hayfever, cold and flu including, mucous congestion, sinusitis, mild upper respiratory infections and bronchial coughs, while the gentle action of myrtle essential oil has been used to help promote restful sleep.  

Fractionated coconut oil carries the healing vibrations of moon-kissed clear quartz crystals, resulting in a natural, healing perfume. 

I absolutely love mine!! Matter of fact I'm laying in bed with it right now.  

If you love this healing oil then you're gonna want to check out our Winter Essential Bundle - each pack contains this gorgeous crystal-infused healing oil, plus a healing mist, soy melt and fragrance oil in our Breathe Easy fragrance.

Our crystal-infused healing oils and perfume collection contains just that - handcrafted magic oils designed to help you sleep, reduce stress and more. 

Directions | Apply this oil to pulse points, temple, behind knees and on the bottom of your feet.  Do not use within 2 hours prior to exercise or bathing.  This blend is not suitable for pregnant women.  Do not use this blend on a child younger than 12 years old without specialist advice.  Not recommended for sensitive skin.  Test patch first.  Discontinue use if irritation occurs.  

Sent to you charged and ready-to-go, our crystal-infused healing oils are perfect for anyone, whether you're trying to breathe through your nose again or not.



These special oils have the best results when empowered every 30 days under the full moon. This oil is 100% natural, containing only fractionated coconut oil and essential oils. 

Adelaide customers are welcome to bring in their bottles for refilling.  I recommend that you keep your refills same-same (then you don't even have to wash off your charged oil - I know right?)

If you would like to try something different, you will need to pull apart your roller bottle, including the stainless steel ball mechanism and crystals, then soak in warm, soapy water.  Make sure you allow the bottles, crystals and roller to air-dry completely before reusing. 

DIY Witches 🧙‍♀️ Making your own perfume and sabbat oils is easy, and the possibilities are infinite. A simple recipe may contain a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and either 2 - 5% essential oils or up to 15% when using our concentrated fragrance oils.  How you charge your oil is all up to you. 

Shine brightly on your journey, Pauline.