Breathe - Crystal-infused Healing Perfume

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Our Breathe Crystal-infused Healing Perfume with Eucalyptus and Mint EOs will relieve symptoms of hayfever, cold and flu including, mucous congestion, sinusitis, mild upper respiratory infections and bronchial coughs, while the gentle action of Myrtle essential oil has been used to help promote restful sleep.  

Fractionated coconut oil carries the healing vibrations of moon-kissed clear quartz crystals, resulting in a natural, healing perfume. 

I absolutely love mine!! Matter of fact I'm laying in bed with it right now.  

Aromatherapy is serious business.  These natural plant extracts provide real therapeutic value and can treat a multitude of ailments.  

Don't throw away your empty bottle! 

When you're finished your perfume don't throw away those gorgeous crystals - you can pop off the rollerball and put them in your garden bed or a pot plant.  Just as you have used these crystals to heal yourself, they can also heal sick plants.

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