Bubble Crumble Cake - big bubbles, no troubles

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“Journeys end in lovers' meeting; every wise man's son doth know." William Shakespeare.

Q: If you say "Bubble Crumble Waffle Style" 5 times in a row what happens?

A: Absolutely nothing. But you had fun doing it right? Bahaha!

Our Bubble Crumble Cake is now available as a neon, glittered waffle. I know.. But quite a few customers asked for this. By 'quite a few' I mean 3.

There is also now the option to purchase "made to order".  You can write your fragrance choice in the box below and VOILA!  It's important to note that there is a 5 day wait after making, whilst the Bubble Crumble hardens enough to post.

Check out our Fragrance List here!


We will of course have our Bestselling fragrances readily available.  So stay tuned to the Bubble Crumble News Station!!!! (that's not a real thing.  I just made it up).

You can choose from the following styles:

  • Bubble Crumble Cake 
  • Bubble Crumble Waffle Style 
  • Bubble Rubble (pouch) 

With organic cocoa butter, our Bubble Crumble is easy to use. Simply break off a piece and hold it under the running water. Voila! Bubbles! Plus they don't leave a ring around the bath. 

Have fun!


| about us |

JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles is a South Australian business that specialises in artisan soaps, home fragrance, bath & body products, soy candles and now giftware.  It's our take on life. It's about having fun, shining brightly on your journey and always believing in yourself.  You can do anything if you just try.

| local customers |

Local customers can enter PICKUP discount code during the checkout process and collect from Ingle Farm, or at a market nearby. 

We offer Afterpay at point of sale during events or when purchasing at JOURNEY HQ.