Buddha Journey, Electric Melt Warmer Packages

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“The best part of the journey is the surprise and wonder along the way.” Ken Poirot.


I love this Buddha electric melt warmer and I hope you love them as well.  My personal fave is black, but I can't wait to finish my kitchen so I can add one in white to finish it off.   White would also look amazeballs in a sunroom inspired space that is perhaps decorated in yellows.  

We often keep Buddha statues in our living areas to add tranquility to the environment. The positive vibes created by the presence of such statues help one feel energetic throughout the day. 

These Buddha Electric Melt Warmers don't use a globe to heat the wax.  They have a warming plate. 

That means they have zero maintenance apart from a clean in between fragrance changes.  In addition to that, they are suitable for use with either our soy or liquid melts, essential oils or our our Concentrated Fragrance Oils.  

This electric melt warmer package is a great way to fragrance your home. You will receive a Buddha Electric Melt Warmer and 2 x Clamshell Melts in your choice of fragrance. Don't worry if you forget to put your preferences down, we'll remind you.

Check out our Fragrance List here! 

You can have Buddha I'm every room with the addition of the matching plug-in. 

Buddha Artisan Soy Candle Collection.  This means you can have a matching candle in either black, white or silver.  I've also put together some deals that you may be interested in! 

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