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White Sage Clusters are a GO-TO in my herb arsenal that can be used many different ways. 

Try popping some leaves in a warm bath and enjoy the serenity (love that word - it never gets old). 

These White Sage Clusters are hand-collected and wild harvested by Native American Indians.  

Look! You know how I feel about White Sage.  White sage is the most sacred of all the smudging herbs.

Smudging is the ancient ceremony of cleansing yourself and others with smoke from certain herbs. White sage can be used for welcoming in the new day, or cleansing the body, home or workplace, but is also used on ceremonial occasions, including sweat lodges.

By smudging with respect the symbolism goes beyond the physical to enhance your spiritual connection.  

White Sage is my favourite THANG right now! I have broken up my White Sage Clusters and popped them in a cute jar, and sprinkle when burning resin, a banish spell, making smudge soap.  

Each White Sage Clusters weighs approx 30 grams.

Smudging Safely(please read) 

  • Make sure the area you are smudging is well ventilated. This is a health precaution, as well as a spiritually practical one as well, as the negative energy will need an "escape route".
  • Smoke from herbs can lead to allergic reactions or trigger asthma or other forms of respiratory distress in sensitive persons. 
  • Do not use near infants or very young children or people with respiratory problems such as asthma. 
  • Do not begin using smudge if you are pregnant. 
  • Lighting herbs will leave you with embers. Use a heatproof container to catch them.  Lots of people use abalone shells, but you could even use a pyrex bowl.  That’s up to you. 
  • Never leave burning smudge unattended.
  • Place some sand or soil or even salt in the bottom of the container to provide insulation as otherwise the container could scorch a surface it is placed upon.