Chakra Balancing Gift Pack, 7 stones & Information Booklet

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The JOURNEY Chakra Balancing Gift Pack comes with 7 natural stones and is a instant energy machine jumpstart, balancing your Chakras in no time at all!

Each Chakra Balancing Gift Pack contains:

  • Amethyst (Crown) - Inspiration and harmony
  • Rock Crystal (Forehead) - Awareness and development
  • Chalcedon (Neck) - Communication and establishing contact
  • Rose Quartz (Heart) - Fulfillment, feelings and understanding
  • Calcite (Solar plexus) - Self-confidence and development
  • Carneol (Navel) - Encounters and affection
  • Red Jasper (Root) - Energy and Endurance

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Each Chakra Balancing Gift Pack is packaged together pouch, 1 x Information sheet and 7 x Natural stones.