Dragon's Blood Resin Smudge Soap

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Botanical Name | Daemomorops Draco

Element  |Fire

Planetary | Mars 

Gender | Masculine 

Zodiac Correspondences | Aries, Sagittarius

This smudge soap has been made with Intention to protect you from negativity and repair and cleanse a damaged/depleted psyche.  If you know someone who is going through a particularly stressful time, this soap would make the perfect gift. 

These soaps are packaged with my story, and I state there that the fragrance from the resin didn't survive the saponification process.  That being said, your soap has an earthy-grounded feel and aroma, which is as a direct result of the organic shea butter and hemp seed oils.  

There's nothing artificial in this soap, and it's beautiful colour is as a result of my moon-kissed Dragon's Blood Resin Oil Infusion.   

My soap recipe is chock full of organic ingredients - such as shea butter and hempseed oil.  There's even some coconut cream and bamboo silk in there, properly setting you up for a lifetime of using handmade soap.  You'll NEVER buy shop soap again.

The sprinkled resin on top is totally gratuitous, and there because us soap makers LOVE to sprinkle! 

Dragon's Blood has long been used in magick to enhance rituals & strengthen manifestation power in Spells.  Whether your dealing with issues of banishment, love, healing or clairvoyance, Dragon’s Blood is a powerful booster to anything you put out into the Universe. 

The resin comes from the rattan palm tree, known as Daemonorops draco & is harvested in Sumatra. Historically the 'Bleeding' sap of the 'dragon' tree, resembled blood, and was harvested in order to make a paste to help heal wounds and protect an individual from infections, creating a 'natural bandaid' upon the skin. 

Magickal Uses | Power to Spells, Manifestation, Intention, Protection, Love Drawing, Money Attraction, Healing Rituals, Emotional Strength, Heightening Ritual Energy, Banishing, Love, Protection, Healing, Increased Potency, Honoring the Gods, Goddesses, Spirits  Ancestors.


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