Sacred Space Crystal Soap - Amethyst Artisan Soap

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This soap is inspired by the idea that regular self-reflection and continued affirmations can change your every day.

I then thought it would be lovely to share what I have learnt.  

This soap was made to remind us that our body and mind are sacred spaces. 

The Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification enabling you to cleanse your energy field of negative influences and attachments.

A powerful stone, Amethyst will create a vibrant shield of spiritual protection around your body, with the combination of the Amethyst with Lavender Essential Oil further enticing your connection to your inner consciousness. (well at least that's what I was aiming for.) 

This soap was fun to make. The tumbled stones really are quite beautiful. I could seriously feel the energy from the stones while I was holding them to put on top of the soap. 

I was deliberately trying to create a 'healing' soap - Amethyst, a protective stone that guides your energy to a space of calm and collected trust in your journey - the perfect partner to Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender oil is probably best known for its calming or sleep inducing effects. 

Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser as it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, and releases anger, rage, fear and anxiety. It alleviates sadness and grief and is often promoted as a stone that people in healing professions should surround themselves with. 

"I honor my body as the temple that nourishes my soul (that's before you eat some chocolate.)" 

Serious affirmation:

"I am a spiritual person. I radiate positive energy. Infinite possibilities are available to me."  

PS -  I definitely plan to do a Rosewood, Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oil version of this soap. I believe that they would vibrate markedly different with the stones due to their connection to the different essential oils.  

So stay tuned and shine bright! 

P. xoxo