Emulsified Sugar Scrub - Exfoliate like the boss you are!

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Is it a scrub or is it a lotion? Is it neither yet somehow both?  
Exfoliation never felt this good.
Unlike sugar scrubs made with only oils and sugar, emulsified sugar scrubs become a creamy exfoliating lotion upon contact with water, leaving no oily residue, but only soft, supple skin behind.  I don't know about you but that's the only kind of scrub-a-dub-dub I want in my life.  
My emulsified sugar scrub recipe is all about quality ingredients such as mango butter, organic hempseed oil, rosehip oil and more!


    What other ingredients go into a sugar scrub? Haha! S-U-G-A-R!!


    Last but not least there's the SUGAR! They're loaded with the stuff. I mean duh! The sugar when gently applied will take off those hideous dead skin cells, unclog your pores and leave you with silky, soft as a baby's butt feel'n skin! 


    It's easy to do.. Just put your fragrance choice in the box above and I'll make you some scrub right now!

    Directions | Apply the emulsified sugar scrub in a gentle circular motion until emulsified. That's when you feel the lotion. I feel like I need to remind you that there is no reason why you would need to exfoliate down there (with emphasis on 'there').. Try to avoid your eyes too. That's not going to end well.