JOURNEY Essential Oil Blends

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"Because the journey is the fun part."

Whoo hoo!! 

New products means a whole lot of research, which means a whole lot of fun! 

Our Essential oil blends are made using quality oils, sourced from reputable Australian suppliers and are of the best quality.  They are packaged in an amber 10 ml bottle, and are perfect for popping into your JOURNEY ultrasonic diffuser.

Other applications include:

  • Pop a capful in a freshly drawn bath. 
  • Diluting into a carrier oil such as sweet Almond Oil at a rate of 1% to use as a massage medium. 

We've recently introduced some beautiful ultrasonic diffusers, and although I'm new to blending essential oils I'm hooked! You can't have diffusers without awesome oils to go in them now can you? 

We have some lovely blends available at the moment-

  • Chillax - if you've had a particularly stressful day at the office, or something is worrying you, then pop this blend into your diffuser or melt warmer.  Light a candle, and seriously give yourself the time you deserve. 
  • Cocktails & Dreams - the perfect afternoon mojito blend of Lime, Orange, Pink Grapefruit and spearmint. You'll feel refreshed, and ready to lie lazily by the pool in the afternoon sun.  We recommend a drink with a little umbrella. 
  • Happy Place - where's your happy place? I know mine is in this blend! A fruity mix of sweet orange,  lime and tangerine will definitely bring a smile to your face. And your heart. 
  • Inspiration - Bergamot, Rosemary, Juniper and patchouli will motivate you to stop procrastinating.  With this blend you might even finish that jumper you started knitting a hundred years ago! 
  • Namaste - Breathe, roll out your yoga mat and give thanks surrounded by this positively lovely blend of Bergamot, mandarin and rose geranium.
  • Turn Back Time - a beautiful blend that matches our Detox "Turn Back Time" Face scrub, moisturiser and soap.  Rose Geranium mixed with just enough lavender to get you in the right frame of mind to tackle anything.