Fun Times Soy Candle

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"Life’s journey is always easier when you hear a friend's footsteps beside you.”

The JOURNEY Fun Times Soy Candle is finished perfectly with a quote to inspire you and keep you motivated on your journey. They also come with a gorgeous handmade keychain.  We can either intuitively pick a quote or you can request one that inspires you! 

Our Fun Times soy candle captures everyone's unique love of the circus. I mean who didn't want want to grow up to be a double-jointed trapeze-flying gypsy who could acrobat like a boss?  I know I did. 

I know I know.  You've seen the circus tent glassware before..  .. But these are different! They really can't be compared to anything else - they are Japanese glass and a totally different clarity and quality.  You'll see.  I promise.

We suggest you channel your inner Nanna and grab one of our dresser trays while you're here.  

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So don't forget to shine bright and practice your splits!! You never know when I might turn up and drag you away to join the circus with me!
Pauline xoxo

Product info & other interesting stuff
Weight soy candle | 182 grams
Approx burn time |  >20 hours

Refillable vessel | yes 

Customer Reviews

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Words cannot describe these beautiful candles. The presentation, the fragrance. Just superb. You have outdone yourself ❤