Porcelain Resin Burner

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These porcelain incense burners can be used with charcoal & herbs/resins, incense cones and incense sticks. 

These warmers have a lovely look, and I use mine every day.  The smoke billowing through the top is just mesmerising. 

If you know someone who loves burning incenses and herbs, these will make a thoughtful home decoration or gift for your friends or family.

Their traditional 3-leg design gives it a stable base that will help dissipate the heat that builds up in the bottom of the censer. I put mine on a vintage saucer though, as charcoal burns very hot. 

I use mine with resin incense and charcoal although I have been known to stick incense sticks in mine while burning just because! 

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What is Resin Incense?

Resin incense is super old skool!

It has been used since Biblical days and is the original incense of churches & temples. Resin Incense is powerful, and is derived from natural gums, resins, wood chips and herbs from aromatic plants. 

At JOURNEY we sell Resins, which you can use individually or blend together, making your own totally unique experience.

The magic happens when a heat source (charcoal disks or tablets) meets the resin - you can then sit back and enjoy therapeutic benefits and fragrance through the resin's aromatic smoke. 


Size (Approx) | Diameter 10cm | Height 7cm