Agate Slice - Natural Brown - My Crystal Journey

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Grounding & Protection

Agate is a grounding stone, bringing about an emotional, physical, and intellectual balance.  This is because agate vibrates at a low steady frequency making it a go to if you are working on strengthening your aura, bringing you energetic stability. 

A stone for protection, keep this crystal in your living space to protect from negative energies and thoughts.

Presented in one of our hand-made, environmentally friendly calico bags you will receive the pictured Agate Slice and an Crystal Inspiration Sheet. 


Qty - 1 pc 

Approx Size 4-6cm

Pic is actual Agate Slice. 

Crystals are a new thing here, but are a huge thing in the real world. The simple benefits one will receive just from holding a crystal is really something to try.   


Crystals can be used for a multitude of reasons, including healing, reflection and grounding. 


I want everyone to enjoy their crystals, even if you are a first-timer! 


That is why we have presented our crystals in our hand-made, environmentally friendly calico bags. They're made by my mother-in-law and stamped by us. You will always receive a Crystal Inspiration Sheet, making them the perfect gift - especially for those just starting out.