JOURNEY Crystal Arrowhead Pendant - Clear Quartz

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Native Americans have long believed that wearing an arrowhead around your neck was a symbol of protection, courage and strength. The arrowhead is also significantly viewed as a symbol of alertness.  

A daily (and as many times throughout the day as needed), affirmation while holding your clear quartz pendant... .. “My mind, body, and soul are energised – I am stronger and will succeed.”

Wearing clear quartz jewellery allows you to connect with the purifying energy of quartz all day long. This acts as a talisman, constantly infusing you with healing properties like enhanced clarity, focus and power. 

Clear Quartz is said to unify your mind, body and soul to charge you with your intention and help you stay focused in achieving your goals. It helps you brush off anything negative. 

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| Size | 4cm approx | Qty: 1 pc |

Crystals are kind of a big deal in the real world.   But they're new here.   I am learning so much every day and  I want you to enjoy your crystals as much as possible.  I want it to be easy, and fun, and I want you to hang around and teach me stuff to!

I think everyone should be able to appreciate crystals and all the goodness they bring with them.   I believe we are are our own healers and that healing comes from within.

Well that was a tad long-winded, but you get the gist.

All JOURNEY crystals and crystal jewellery are presented in one of our earthy, handmade calico bags.  They come with an intuitively selected Affirmation Card and have a crystal information sheet, making them perfect for gift-giving.