JOURNEY Crystal Arrowhead Pendant - Amethyst

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 A daily affirmation you might say while holding your Amethyst crystal pendant ... .. "Today, I’m creating a better version of myself." 

Amethyst is the premier spiritual stone, providing purifying, healing, and protective energies to help clear, open, and balance the Crown Chakra. 

Amethyst has many benefits, including:

  • Used in meditation and dream work
  • Enhances psychic abilities and intuition
  • Helps in breaking free from bad habits and limiting behaviors
  • Protects the physical environment from negative energies
  • Brings peace and tranquility in the home
  • Calms the mind
  • Helps bring clarity in decision making
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, fear, and grief
  • Works with the third eye, crown, and upper chakras
  • Virtually everyone can benefit from wearing amethyst making it a gift for anyone. 

We are in constant contact with other people and their energies, especially in the workplace, and the protective properties of amethyst will help reduce the wearer's chance of picking up negative or unwanted energies from the environment.

Amethyst is a must-have for anyone working in healing professions. Those working in health care will benefit as this industry is highly emotive and transfers to you if you are not protected. The high vibration of amethyst will protect your energy field! 

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Don't forget to shine bright! 

Pauline xoxo 


| Size | 4cm approx | Qty: 1 pc |