Selenite Pyramid, Protection & Clarity - My Crystal Journey

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 Selenite is a sexeeeeeee stone! Selenite is a protector stone and quickly rids your heart & home of negative energy.

Creating crystal grids of Selenite is an easy way to ensure that both your home, sacred space and mind have energetic clarity.

How to use selenite:

Protecting your home To receive maximum protection, it is recommended that you place selenite towers/pyramids at the corners of your home to create a peaceful, safe environment.  

For protection at work I know I'm pilfering one of these selenite pyramids for my desk at work.. And I even have the perfect spot..  Right next to the Carnelian tumbles.  My selenite pyramid will create an energy shield to protect against workplace drama. 

If you are having bad/disturbing dreams I also love the idea of popping a selenite pyramid on either sides of my bed to keep negative thoughts from invading my dreams. 

Are you intrigued by this unique stone? If so, we have Selenite Lamps in various sizes and also a couple of these pretty spesh selenite towers which will pair perfectly with this gorgeous pyramid. 

Crystal Specifications |  Measurement 4 cm