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  • Grounding Resin & White Sage Smudge Soap - JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles
  • Grounding Resin & White Sage Smudge Soap - JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles
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JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles

Grounding Resin & White Sage Smudge Soap

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I'm still totally obsessed with White Sage & Palo Santo and I believe it's because the idea that I'm in charge of my own positive energy is a simple, but very empowering message to embrace. 

In this range of smudge soaps I have used moon-blessed Olive Oil infusions that I have created for special purposes and occasions.

I recommend that you use my handmade Smudge Soap whenever you need to rid your body of negative energy.  It's never been this easy to turn your daily bath or shower into a magical ceremonial ritual!

"I am grounded and protected from negative energy" (Grounding Sage & Resin Infused Smudge Soap) 

Each full moon I place the Grounding Oil Infusion under my fave tree for blessing.  

In my Grounding & Protecting infusion there's a few aromatic resins, White Sage leaves and some grounding essential oils of Rosewood & Frankincense. Resins were gently heated, and then placed in the oil. I chose Frankincense, Benzoin, Amber and Myrrh for their grounding and healing properties. OK! The Amber is because it's my favourite!! White sage leaves were popped into the oil as well as some that I ground up. This soap was made using organic shea butter and sooooo much kaolin clay. I always have coconut cream added as well as bamboo silk. This soap is lovely, smells earthy and settling, and it is just wonderful to use. 

Yup! You read right... There's a limited number of scented bars available this round - you asked for it! You got it! 

White Sage Essential Oil – Salvia apiana – is steam distilled using the intensely pungent leaves and tops of the plant. The oil has a yellow hue and is quite light in texture.

The common names for this oil are Bee Sage and Sacred Sage.

The origin of our White Sage Essential Oil is the USA where it grows abundantly on the western seaboard from California to north Mexico.

This camphoraceous essential oil is very powerful, and is the finishing touch to this smudge soap. 

White Sage can be used as a decongestant due to it camphoraceous qualities. The oil is also used to treat insect bites addressing pain and inflammation of the wound.

Sage Oil has been known to address stress and anxiety, even depression. Use this soap in preparation for a job interview, an exam, or as part of your magic practice at any time. 

Smudge your body with The Palo Santo Experience Smudge Soap:

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