L-Z JOURNEY Organic Shea'n'Clay Artisan Soap

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This listing is for Fragranced Bar Soaps and fragranced soap chunks from L-Z

(The JOURNEY Artisan Soap Department is wayyyyyy big! So we've broken it up into alphabetical sections, A-K, L-Z, Soap Cakes and our all natural, Bare Essentials range of soaps! Now there's even more to choose from, as we have added some of our coconut oil soaps!!!)

All JOURNEY soaps are made from scratch by myself and my partner helps a bit! 


What makes my soaps different? 

  • Loads of salt - I heavily salt my distilled water when soapmaking, bringing all the healing and detox powers of the ocean to your skin every day. ... .. That and salt water makes for a mighty hard bar of soap! Probs even bounces. (OK - I made the bouncing bit up. It was a spur of the moment thing. I regret it now. Please don't play basketball with your soap.)
  • Wherever possible I use organic ingredients - I have tried really hard to choose ingredients with specific purposes behind them - Organic Shea Butter is in all of our soaps, unless otherwise indicated. It's such a lovely ingredient, bringing a definite indulgence factor to your everyday life. We use a lot of Organic Unrefined Shea which is a totally different product to its refined counterpart. There's soooo many benefits for your skin I think I'll have to write about it! Oh wait. I have.
  • Stacks & stacks of clay - Kaolin Clay is another staple in all our soaps! The difference between us and them is the quantity of kaolin. It's such a great clay.. I put an absolute cracker amount in, giving you a really creamy, and lush bar that's freaking awesome for your skin!
  • That creamy wow factor - Coconut Cream - yes!!!!! The real stuff - I add it to all of my soaps! Such a wonderful ingredient, coconut cream. I started initially just putting it in the vegan soaps, but now it is in ALL OF THEM ALL OF THE TIME! And for good reason.
  • Silk - Bamboo Silk - oh yeahhhhhh baby (said in my Austin Powers voice) - that's what gives our soap it's slip! Slip in soapy lingo refers to the feeling of the soap on your skin.. Do not 'slip' the soap somewhere. That would be dumb. You'd probably hurt yourself, and we really don't recommend it.) Bamboo silk is a man-made fiber, and has nothing to do with animals & their cocoons. 

Handmade soap is just something. You really will love it.. 


Shine brightly, 

Pauline xoxo 


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