Yogi Sterling Silver Earrings & Pendant

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Fancy up your next yoga practice with these soul-stirring new additions to the My Hippy Journey Collection. 

These Sterling Silver Earrings & Pendants bring together the two sacred and powerful symbols of the Lotus and OM.

The lotus flower signifies purity of mind, body and spirit whilst OM is the essence of conciousness.

In yoga the Lotus Pose is one of the most easily recognized yoga poses.

With your legs crossed and hands resting on knees with thumb and index finger forming a circle, it is a popular pose to perform.

The Lotus Pose, known in Sanskrit as Padmasana, comes from padma meaning lotus and asana meaning posture. The pose is often used as a resting pose to calm the mind and body as well as focus on controlled breathing. It also stretches the muscles of the hips and back.


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