JOURNEY Liquid Fragranced Soy Melts, Squishy stinky awesomeness

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In case you didn't know JOURNEY Liquid Fragranced Soy Melts are wayyyy huge! In fact, some people call them the 'new black'.  That's code for 'upper eschelon' of home fragrance.  Whoo hoo! 

I mean I was hot in my 30s, and these are soooooooo close to that.  OK.  They're better.

People are talking about them everywhere.  In supermarkets, while waiting for the bus and just the other day I was in the library and there was a hushed, secretive convo going on about how long this new style of melt lasts. 

Stop with all the questions already.  It was me talking about them at the Ambi Pur aisle in the supermarket to random strangers. 

Mixing coconut oil with soy wax and adding stink factor is in a nutshell what liquid melts are.  They're squishy, super stinky and I coloured mine with mica, making them pearlescent when melting. 

  • They burn longer than regular melts and they're easier to clean up. 
  • All you have to do is choose your favourite fragrance.  

You're welcome.