Notes from the Universe on Love & Connection

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Yes! We have another new arrival to our Book Department!!

Notes from the Universe on love and connection is a 60 card deck from Mike Dooley. 

In this gorgeous 60-card deck, Mike Dooley ( - go there and sign up to his email subscription) shares messages that shed inspiring light on the joys and challenges of relationships. Whether you're looking to find new love, keep your relationship fresh and fulfilling, or tap a deeper source of loving within yourself-or simply understand that you are loved, right now-you can use this deck for insight.

You can ask a question each day by choosing a card that appeals to you or by living life large and grabbing a random card - whatever you need to see your way more clearly.

I've taken some pictures of my favourite cards. The font and card quality is engaging and I liked picking a card based on the lesson I wanted the universe to answer for me. You can of course read the cards either way, I just chose what felt natural to me.

Each card poses the question on one side, and the other is the Universe's teaching as a letter.

This 60 card deck is an eclectic and insightful collective, sure to give you a daily, healthy dose of self-confidence, morality and sensitivity.

"of course, anger
can always be justified, but then,
so can forgiveness.
Just depends on how much
you want from the adventure.
Go for gobs. -The Universe"


P.S. Did you know that hearts are never too big to mend, too small to rebound, or too tired to love?