Personalised Unicorns, A Journey Personalised Plushy

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Why hello unicorn lovers! Say hi to Rosie! She's perty..

Pretty much anything unicorn is a hit. Everyone is ooh'n and ahh'n on these mythical creatures all over the world, including us here in Australia.

But.. Here's the million dollar question...  "What's better than a unicorn?" 

"I know!" squeals the pretty girl in the back row, waving her arms around like she's directing air traffic... .. 

"It's a unicorn with my name on it!" (visualise  she's jumping up and down frantically). 

Yer. She's right you know.

Simply pop your name in the box above and make your vinyl choices.  Don't panic if you forget! That's what email and instant messaging is for! 

We have two different styles, both plush and equally deevine .. 

  • Large cartoon 30 cm (available in blue); and 
  • Blue & Pink, we call her 'Rosie!' She's 35 cm and is a glittery pink & blue!