Psychic Soul Oracle Cards, Mitchell Coombes

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These are gorgeous!

A large-ish card that feels special in your hands, the printing of these cards is beautiful and I really love the purple and blue together.  For some reason these colours exude an abundance of spirituality and wisdom.  It's gotta be the butterfly! 

The Psychic Soul Oracle Cards by celebrity medium and bestselling author, Mitchell Coombes, offer insightful answers and spiritual guidance on your love life, career, health, family, finances and more.

Each of the 36 oracle cards in this unique deck feature a beautiful crystal butterfly to help you tune into your intuition and awaken your psychic senses. With the help of the enclosed guidebook, youll discover the meaning of each card and learn how to give yourself and others accurate and insightful readings.

I think these cards will be a beautiful addition to your oracle library.  

Looking at each butterfly and it's associated crystal, the book added unique insight and thoughtful content.  When I was doing the unboxing my favourites were Amethyst, Labradorite and Sodalite.  Just to name a few.

Amethyst, Butterfly of Intuition

"You've drawn this card because intuition is your best guide.  Always trust your first thoughts and impressions.  Don't pass judgement on what you feel.  Allow your inner feelings to guide you on life's path."

Amethyst promotes intuition and enhances pscyhic gifts.

Labradorite, Butterfly of Answered Prayers

"This card is validation that your prayers have been heard and answered.  Divine help is coming to you now.  Your Guardian Angel has been working in the background to manifest much needed answers, loving support, and well timed miracles you've been asking for."

Sodalite, Butterfly of Meditation

"You've drawn this card because the Universe is giving you a big hug.  Divine Guidance is asking you to step into the stillness to find inner peace through meditation.  Let go of outside world distractions and look within to bring insight and understanding to a situation, worry or problem.  Enjoy quiet moments of relaxation and inner reflection."



Title: IC: Psychic Soul Oracle Cards
Publisher: Hardie Grant
Author: Mitchell Coombes
ISBN: 9781925143072
Format: Cards
Publication Date: 01/05/2016