Rose Quartz Pendulum - Follow your heart

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Imagine the idea that you could fortell your own love story just by the swing of a rose quartz pendulum. 

I've been researching the use of a pendulum and people say it's easy and like anything "it's just is a matter of practice" but I'm not good at it at all.  Despite lots of practice.  But I am having fun. 

No matter whether you are an expert or a total noobie and you're popping your pendulum cherry here, there's something to be said about that hypnotic swing.  I have mine hanging on my dresser from a lamp and they look fantastic.  My daughter has hers hanging in her car.  

We have other unique pendulums available, and everything I've read on the topic says that you should use your intuition to help you to decide what Pendulum style/stone is right for you.

Click here to read this fantastic article by AYP (Ask Your Pendulum), 2016, How to use a Pendulum.'