Rough Emerald - Eternal Love & Patience, My Crystal Journey

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Rough Emerald is synonymous with eternal love & patience. 

Emerald is a stone of inspiration and infinite patience. This stone is believed to give you strength of character to overcome misfortunes in life, help heal emotional wounds and manifest a deep eternal love within yourself. A stone for the heart chakra, emerald can keep your heart’s fire at bay to allow for a more accepting nature towards others and yourself. Releasing pressure and frustration emerald imparts self-love and self-esteem.

I've found some super interesting facts about emeralds.  Follow the link here! 

I was lucky enough to obtain these rough Emerald at a fantastic price - which of course is passed onto you! Don't forget to always shine bright and believe in yourself! Pauline xoxo

You will receive 1 piece of Rough Emerald | Origin | India

Weight: 80-150gr approx

Size: 4x5x5cm approx