Selenite Mini Sphere

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Gender:  Feminine 

Element: Water 

Planets:  Moon

Chakras: Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra

Tarot:  The Moon 


Selenite is named after "Selene" the Greek Goddess of the Moon and is also known as 'liquid light' or 'moon glow' . They are powerful healing crystals often used for chakra clearing work, especially to activate the crown, creating a pathway to more easily connect with the higher self and achieve a pure sense of clarity. As a result they are perfect for use during meditation, healing, cleansing and inner work rituals. 

Our Mini Selenite Spheres will sit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are small enough to be carried on your person, in your pocket or perhaps your bra if you're like me! 

  • Use Selenite when casting truth spells. 
  • Hold, sleep with or use selenite wands to create your sacred space. 

I always associate Selenite with white light.  It's such a beautiful, clean stone.  If you're new to selenite, keep reading! It's a wonderful, grounding stone that will wrap you up and protect you from negativity. We sell a lot of Selenite to children, it makes an ahhhhhhmazing first crystal gift and I've noticed children are very drawn to the stone. 

That being said, Selenite is an affordable stone, and even serious crystal collectors are equally in love with her. 

  • By placing a Selenite crystal upon your forehead, you can feel the energy of your guardian angels coming down upon you. By focusing on its power, you can begin to hear the guidance and protection of these heavenly beings singing to you.


Care & Cleansing 

Instead of sunlight, however, you can use moonlight to charge Selenite. Sunlight often overpowers this soft, fragile stone – when we want to recharge this crystal’s spiritual power. Time your cleansing with the appropriate lunar phase to amplify cleansing and recharging of this stone.  


Stuff you might wanna know

Our Selenite Mini Spheres measure 2 cm - 2.5 cm. 

Last, but definitely not least
We love choosing your crystals intuitively. The pictures on our website represent the quality of the stones and their approximate sizing, however it's important that you are aware that each stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations. We promise you'll love your stones just as much as we did choosing them for you.
Shine brightly on your journey, Pauline & Chris x  


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