Selenite Mini Sphere

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 Selenite crystals are named after "Selene" the Greek Goddess of the Moon and are therefore also known as 'liquid light' or 'moon glow' . They are powerful healing crystals often used for chakra clearing work, especially to activate the crown, creating a pathway to more easily connect with the higher self and achieve a pure sense of clarity. As a result they are perfect for use during meditation, healing, cleansing and inner work rituals. 

Our Mini Selenite Spheres will sit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are small enough to be carried on your person, in your pocket or perhaps your bra if you're like me! 

I always associate Selenite with white light.  It's such a beautiful, clean stone.  If you're new to selenite, keep reading! It's a wonderful, grounding stone that will wrap you up and protect you from negativity. We sell a lot of Selenite to children, it makes an ahhhhhhmazing first crystal gift and I've noticed children are very drawn to the stone. 

That being said, Selenite is an affordable stone, and crystal collectors are equally in love with her. 


Holding a piece of selenite and recite the following mantra.. 

White Light Protection Prayer – Cleanse, Protect, and Raise Your Vibration With Divine White Light

And so, to do this prayer, it just requires your focusing within. I sit or lay down, just getting comfy is enough.  Slow down, focus on your breath and slowly allow yourself to adjust to a meditative rhythm. 

“I now ask to be surrounded by Divine light, with my team of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, with the Archangels and Angels who can most support me now.

Surround me fully and completely with Divine White Light.”

As you speak these words aloud or strongly in your mind, feel the white light entering into your present time and space.

Continue to focus your awareness on your heart center.

And now, with each in-breath you take, imagine that you’re breathing the white light into your body.

Exhale and let go.

Breathe the white light into your mind and as you breathe out, let go of thought, worry or tension.

Breathe the white light into your spirit and feel your aura and your light body replenish with this brilliant white light and as you exhale, let go.


“I ask that the white light fill and surround me, completely cleansing and purifying my mind, body, and spirit. Protect me, allowing the pure Divine guidance of my Guides, Angels and Archangels to flow through and yet, block out any and all negativity, lower vibrational energy or entities.

I ask this according to Divine Will, for the highest and greatest good, in the highest interest of all. And so, it is…”

Interested and want to learn more about White Light and Angels? You might find some interesting reading on the Ask Angels website.  Just click clack front and back here.


Stuff you might wanna know | Selenite Mini Sphere (2cm - 2.5cm).  You'll receive your selenite in a gorgeous baggy with a Crystal Inspo Sheet and intuitively picked affirmation card.


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