JOURNEY Shimmer Cream, with jojoba oil and loads of glitter.

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On sale now - new packaging and recipe 2019! Click here to view the new listing - "Your favourite fragrance, all sparkly" 

There's shimmer cream .. .. Then there's shimmer cream. 

Honestly I don't know why people would bother with a little shimmer when you can have a lot! #glitterlife

Our shimmer cream is the best! Super glittery and fantastic for your skin.

We use a lot of Jojoba oil in our lotions. It's highly nourishing, and doesn't leave that greasy feel like some of the store-bought lotions.

Jojoba, pronounced ho-ho-ba, is a versatile, purely natural oil that really penetrates the skin for deep hydration.

These are the last of this smaller size.  Customers were asking for larger jars so we got them!