The Manfuser Ultrasonic Diffuser Package

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Let's hear it for the boys! 

Not into butterflies, hearts or Buddhas? Do you find yourself missing out when the girls are all talking about how much they love their diffusers? 

Well say hello to the MANFUSER!

He's black. He's sexy. He changes colour.

And like all of our Ultrasonic Diffuser packages you'll receive not 1 but 2 free gifts!

The only thing he doesn't do is take out the rubbish. 

This simple, colour-changing design will suit any decor and effortlessly diffuse your favourite concentrated fragrance or essential oils.  

See how I said 'oils' there? That's because all of our ultrasonic diffusers come with not 1, but 2 FREE 30 ml concentrated fragrance oils in your choice of fragrances. 

A diffuser is an ideal choice for people who may have small children and don’t want a flame or anything hot within reach. 

Check out our Fragrance List here! 

Simply pop your fragrance choices in the box above and we'll do the rest!

Pauline xx



These glass ultrasonic diffusers are a perfect way to scent your home without a flame or heat because they run on a vibration system which creates a mist that scents the air.

  • These diffusers take water and fragrance or essential oils. (Oils must be water soluble) 
  • 100% pure essential oils especially citrus ones, are not recommended as they can damage the unit, just as they 'burn skin' if applied directly. THEY MUST BE DILUTED. 


  • Start with less and build up slowly.  If you are using a JOURNEY Fragrance Oil, then use only 12 -14 drops, and the rest water. 
  • Don't over-fill - The units have a level you need to fill to. 
  • Your diffuser unit will run until the water runs out, they will then turn themselves off. 
  • Look after her -  Clean your water chamber regularly - this will keep the magic disc clean, because a quick clean out with a paper towel after each use to remove any residue.


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