Tranquil - A Natural Crystal Infused Healing Perfume

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I'm super proud of this natural crystal infused healing perfume range.   Tranquil is an original blend of Orange, Lavender, Patchouli and Geranium Essential Oils.   

These oils combined create a seriously Zen vibe, and would be perfect for those stressful times during the day and even at night if unable to sleep. .. .   Plus it doesn't smell medicinal like some traditional essential oil blends, rather it's a well rounded, aromatic aromatherapy blend. 

Aromatherapy is serious business.  These natural plant extracts provide real therapeutic value and can treat a multitude of ailments.  Sweet Orange and Lavender are used to relax the body and mind, and can even lessen anxiety associated with Dementia.  

What do you think?

A natural perfume, moon-blessed with clear quartz and rose quartz crystals.. .. I mean what's not to love! 

Presented in a little bag, with crystals and ingredients & inspo sheet!

If you are buying these natural perfumes please use the discount JEWEL to reduce post costs.   There's no way sending these costs 15 bucks. 

Shine bright, P xoxo