JOURNEY Detox Salt & Sugar Scrubs - With Rose Geranium & Lavender Essential Oils "If I could turn back time"

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In my head I had an idea for a skincare range that all went together nicely and was fragranced using Essential Oils... ..  .. 

I started with this Detox Sugar Scrub and fragranced it with Lavender & Rose Geranium Essential Oils. I'm in love with Sugar Scrubs, in particular the emulsified kind.  You initially exfoliate your skin, and then you feel a lotion at the end that's super softening, leaving your skin feeling buffed and hydrated. 

All JOURNEY Sugar Scrubs have organic mango butter and hempseed virgin oil. They're also chock full of Activated charcoal - which draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne.

And now.. To create a complimentary product I made a Moisturiser! The moisturising cream feels light on your skin,  but don't let that deceive you... She's jam packed with a cracker amount of gorgeous ingredients that will make you look younger, and feel great!

The moisturiser has jojoba oil, rosehip oil, meadowfoam oil and vitamin e! It's fragranced with lavender and rose geranium essential oils again.. These oils were chosen for their naturally amazeballs ability to restore, revitalise and slow down aging with their powerful antioxidants!

It's perfect as a base for under your foundation, and it is totally different to a store-bought lotion... .. Just like hand made soap there's something special about our lotions.. There's absolutely no greasy or heavy feeling on your face like some of the big brand names.  I know I have a drawer full of stuff I just hated the feel of.

You can team these products with either our Australian Pink Clay Firming bar or our gorgeous Detox Soap.. This will ensure you gently cleanse your face in between scrubs. Unless you're addicted like me and you're scrubbing every day! 🤣🤣

Pay only $3 more for your choice of matching soap when buying this package... This saves you more! Go and have a coffee on us! 
(soap full price $9)

We now have Turn Back Time Bath Salts! This means that you can gently cleanse or scrub your face, soak in the tub and then moisturise after! All done using complementary products that are fragranced with Rose Geranium Essential & Lavender Essential Oils.  

follow this link to get more information about Turn Back Time Bath Salts.

Not a fan of Lavender or Rose Geranium Essential Oils? Don't panic! We've added Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Scrubs that are dayam fine! Follow this link to find out more! 

| about us |

JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles is a South Australian business that specialises in artisan soaps, home fragrance, bath & body products, soy candles and now giftware.  It's our take on life. It's about having fun, shining brightly on your journey and always believing in yourself.  You can do anything if you just try.

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