Witchy Woman Altar Cloths

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Slow down and enjoy your journey. 

Meditating is something that grows with you. It's sometimes difficult to quiet the mind, especially if you live in a busy, bustling home. 

It's common to have an altar in your meditation space - You want to create a something special space and unique. Ideally it will be somewhere quiet and private.  This can be an entire room or a small table in a room that you feel comfortable in. The only prerequisite is it must be an area of your home where you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed. This is important because you are committing yourself to going deep within, and you can only do that if you feel calm, safe and chill..  

You’ll need a meditation seat, which could be a pillow or blanket. If sitting on the floor isn’t available to you, a comfortable chair is fine. 

Before you start your meditation practice, make sure you clean the area. 

I use White Sage and Incense to clear out the negative and stagnant energy in my home regularly. In fact, while I'm writing this listing I'm burning Satya White Sage and the fragrant aroma from White Sage Smudge Sticks are filling my bedroom with clear intentions. 

There's no right or wrong here. I make candles and always have one lit in every room, including one on my altar.   

Your sacred space should uplift your spirits and invigorate your psyche. I have special items given to me by my children that other people might find strange, because remember - the objects themselves are not important so long as they touch your heart and have significance to you. 

I love photographs and oracle cards and I have placed feathers, shells, crystals, photographs, journals, malas, dieties, yoga cards, and positive affirmation cards amongst crystals in my home.  I love simple things, and I am still learning about crystals, their placements and the power of crystal gridding.  

You deserve a special place which doesn't need to be inside. Outdoor spaces are great for meditation and gridding as they bring you closer to nature - just make sure your crystals are as comfortable as you are in the outdoors. 

It's important not to create clutter with too much stuff. (I need help here!) Clutter creates heaviness and stagnancy. This goes against the whole idea of a meditation area being light, uplifting and inviting.

It’s important to keep your meditation space alive and clean. Don’t allow dust to cover your crystals and sacred items. 

Dedicating a space solely to spirit where you display your crystals or grids and meditate is a physical manifestation that your mind & spirit that deserves to be loved and cherished.

Let the love in and shine bright.