My Hippy Journey

Coming Soon - Chakra Yoga Mats/Wall Hangings. I just can't stop!

What an interesting path I've detoured on starting this collection.  My Hippy Journey Collection started as an aromatic journey, a reconnect with my love of incense.   

Since discovering resin incense, I've pretty much lit some every single day.  It's become such a big area of JOURNEY that we've given it it's own menu section (using the left side nagivation menu).  It's still here in this collection of course, it's just that I know some people like to get in, shop quick, and get out.

Fri-yays, Satur-yays and Sun-yays I have some burning while I sit outside with a cup of coffee, a gorgeous sunrise and a pen & paper - then I'm ready to plan my day. 

Resin Incense is super old skool and has been used for centuries and it's super strong.  My favourites are Amber, Benzoin and the Magic Love blend.  It's lovely to think about what I want from my burn, and using different resins together allows me to create a unique fragrance every time. 

The Smudge Sticks in California White Sage &  native blends prove to be our biggest sellers.  It's not hard to create your own unique blessing rituals.  We also stock Palo Santo Wood Incense/Smudge Sticks. Plus you can get yourself one of our beautiful Abalone Shells or a Smudging Feather.   Smudge Stuff is also a new side menu addition, making it easier than ever to purchase all your smudge supplies in one spot.

If you like a bit of fun jewellery then you are going to love the boho (that I call hipho) bell anklets! They remind me so much of high school.  

Song of India perfumes were a rite of passage and their insanely amazing natural fragrances give this collection some street-cred.  They are luxurious on your skin, and actually get better as time goes on - as they mature their fragrance deepens, becoming even more intoxicating.

We have a large selection of aromatherapy jewellery, in stainless steel (in both pendants & keychains) and our Lava Rock Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets are really popular. 

JOURNEY Aromatherapy Jewellery are sold as a set, coming with a JOURNEY Essential Oil or Essential Oil Blend Blend or you can choose your favourite concentrated fragrance oil.

Then I find I've come full circle and there's my friend incense again.  I love to make my own, and I've always used Satya Nag Champa as well.  I've burned incense my whole adult life, and there's certain brands and fragrances that instantly take me to my memories of another place and time. 

There are many times when burning incense can be of benefit, including during meditation practice. 

The incense range has grown and I now have some beautiful quality incenses in many fragrances.  Sandalwood, especially, is used by most Buddhists. They burn it in monasteries and temples. The woody scent of rare and precious sandalwood has calming effects on the mind and promotes relaxation - perfect for meditation.

One day I'm going to learn how to roll my own incense.  

Shine bright, Pauline xoxo