Crystal-infused Oils & Perfumes



With moon-kissed crystals, home-grown herbs and botanicals, my crystal-infused healing oils can help you kick that common cold, celebrate the sabbats, relax your tired mind & body, energise and protect your spirit and even gently send you off to sleep. 

I've now added a witchy range of insanely hypnotic fragrance oil blends to this collection.  There's Pink Lotus, Witch's Brew, Empath and our bestselling White Sage & Healing Spirit blends to choose from.  I know right? 

All of our crystals and oils have been carefully chosen and hand-blended, made with intent and kissed by the cauldron. 

Sent to you charged and ready-to-go, these oils are perfect for anyone, whether you're trying to conjure the spirits of the dead or not.