About us!  What JOURNEY means to me ..

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About us! What JOURNEY means to me ..

My name is Pauline and JOURNEY is my passion. I love making candles, and soapmaking in particular is very special to me.

My day job is nursing and it's pretty stressful.  I'm an Aged Care Nurse who handles the Admissions and funding at my particular facility.  Aged Care Nursing takes a certain type of person, and I have sometimes wondered if I am the right person for the job - yup - even after 12 years.  I fall in love with my Residents and their families, and every time I lose one, it's heartbreaking.  I keep thinking "they were young once", or I put myself in the Resident's or their family's shoes.. How would I feel losing a loved one? 

JOURNEY was started to give me a balance to that.  Something that was relaxing, and purely a hobby (insert some 'me time' here) - although, that being said I always knew I was going to sell.  I mean you have to pay for your hobby right?  I wanted it to be a self-sustaining kind of thing.  The more I made, the more money I had to make more.  Everything I've learned has paid for the next lession - that kind of thing. 

The name?  Well that came from a necklace.  My nieces and nephew gave me a pendant for Christmas that said "shine brightly on your journey."  I love it and still wear it today. 

My first market I went to I went with one table of candles, 5 fragrances and I was soooooo nervous I put it off for months! I'd pack the car.. unpack the car.. pack the car.. The struggle was real.  I was even annoying myself.

I still get nervous, and messing around with an online store is no exception.. At my age you'd think I'd be over worrying what people think but noooooooo, i still fret that people won't like my style, or how I put my stuff together.. .. But despite my awkwardness I'm hoping that my website has a bit of my personality in there, along with my all-together crapola picture taking skills (hahahaha!! I'm trying to get better at those). You're supposed to be able to see how much I love making everything by how it's presented here.  Well that's the plan anyways.

I have an amazing partner and 5 children who technically aren't children anymore.. .. but in my head they're still about 9.. I'm sure that's like all mums out there! There's Jessica (aka Nic) who's 25 and a talented Hair Dresser, Rebekah (aka Bek), who is 22 and works in Retail and has a fashion sense I've only dreamed of having, and finally my gorgeous Samantha (aka Sama) who is nearly 21 (although I feel she has been a nanna her whole life), and works in the Childcare Industry.  Add to that my 2 stepsons, Cane who is a gifted musician and Kyle,  the gentle soul.  They're all so different, and I'm very proud of the adults they are becoming.  

My partner deserves an award for putting up with me!! This market caper isn't easy, and spent the first 2 years of this business doing it almost every weekend. Now I'm enjoying the online store, but we still do markets during the Summer & Christmas Seasons.  Recently I've had to turn down the soapmaking due to a torn tendon in my arm, but it's been a couple of months and it feels just amazing now!  I have so many ideas in my head!

While we're on the topic of talented dudes - before you ask, yes!  Chris makes some of the candles.  He might have even made one of yours!  And soap?Yessiree!  He's got his own swirl, and you know what?  It's better than any bloody hanger swirl I've done.  But don't tell him.  It'll go to his head.  

When you buy a JOURNEY product you're buying a little bit of me.  I love this industry, and it's just been a rollercoaster since I started.  I never thought for a single moment that it would become what it has, and  I make sure I thank my customers every day!  Without my awesome customers I wouldn't be here. 

I've brought in my passion for quotes to this business.  I like to think that what makes us different are the quotes.  All of the quotes we use have the word 'journey' in them.  It's meant to be about inspiration, and keeping people (aka me) motivated even when times are hard.  My house is covered in quotes, and in particular the Luke Easter "A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows that it is on the journey where she will become strong", was one of the first I found and I still put it on products today. 

There ain't no journey that don't change you some.  Or so someone said. 

Everyone else's 'about us' is just a speel, so I thought I'd do mine as a blog post, and pop some fun at the end!  Keep reading, because I want you to reply!

So here's 15 random facts about me! 

What is my middle name?: Joanne

What was my favourite subject at school?: PE

What is my favourite drink?: A strong Cappucino!

What is my favourite song at the moment?: I can’t stop listening to Icehouse, My Obsession!!! (ask anyone who knows me!)

What is my favourite food?: Cheesecake! Just not the baked kind - they're disgusting!

What is the last thing I bought?: Lorna Jane active wear!

Favourite book of all time?: Nevil Shute, On the Beach.  I've only read it about a hundred times. 

Favourite Colour?: Pink!

Do I have any pets?:Yes!!! I'm the crazy cat lady with 5 cats and 1 staffy!

Favourite Perfume?: Narciso Rodriguez


When was the last time I cried?: Yeterday.  Hang on, this morning.  

Favourite Movie?: Too hard!  I love heaps of different flicks! Pulp Fiction? Jackie Brown? Clerks?

Favourite TV show?: My most recent binge was Frankie & Grace!  Hilarious.  You know I think Netflix is my best friend sometimes!

What is my favourite JOURNEY product?  My soap!  Hands down!  It took yonks to get my recipe right, but now I just love it!

How tall am I?: 5ft 1

The cool part was sitting here typing this blog and suddenly realising that 'nek minnit' it's been 3 years and the stuff I've learned is mind-boggling.  Plus I think answering the questions highlighted just how riveting my life really is!  NOT!

I thank you in advance for spending some time looking around my little site, and I hope if you're around my neck of the woods one day you'll pop in and say hi!

You'll see a comment below - it's the same questions I answered!  I'd love to know some random stuff about you!

So fill them in, I think It will be just as much fun to get to know you as it is me.  

Shine brightly, Pauline xoxo


  • Susan Kyle

    Okay, I give up…where is your shop located.

  • Pauline Walden

    It’s funny Michelle because I’m in love with madamoiselle fragrance as well now! Mmmmm Brandy..

    Thank you for playing along.
    Pauline xoxo

  • Pauline Walden

    Mary Pamela thank you so much for answering the questions! I love Korean food as well!

  • Michelle

    What is your middle name? Kaye

    What was your favourite subject at school? home economics

    What is your favourite drink?Brandy and coke

    What is your favourite song at the moment? Dont know anything on 102.30

    What is your favourite food? Thai

    What is the last thing you bought? 2 tops from Rockmans today!!

    Favourite book of all time? At Last a Life by Paul David. Great if you are suffering anxiety

    Favourite Colour? RED

    Do you have any pets? yes, silky terrier, Mishka

    Favourite Perfume? Sarah Jessica Parker – Lovely

    When was the last time you cried? yesterday

    Favourite Movie? Pretty Woman

    Favourite TV show? The Handmaids Tale

    What is your favourite JOURNEY product? Madmoselle Melts or Inspired by

    How tall are you?5.2

  • Mary Pamela

    What is your middle name? Pamela

    What was your favourite subject at school? Conspiracy Theories

    What is your favourite drink? Beer

    What is your favourite song at the moment? Are We Ourselves ?? -Fixx

    What is your favourite food? Korean

    What is the last thing you bought? Cider

    Favourite book of all time? Quit reading.

    Favourite Colour? Black

    Do you have any pets? Boyfriend

    Favourite Perfume? Patchouli and Rose oil

    When was the last time you cried? When I had a cold, lol!

    Favourite Movie? Stopped watching movies too, see fave school subject ;)

    Favourite TV show? South Park, otherwise no TV

    What is your favourite JOURNEY product? Pauline!! <3

    How tall are you? 5’7"

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