Shine brightly on your journey

Initially a small Adelaide candle & melt biz, Journey has been my baby for what feels like forever! I still love this business so very much, and wherever possible, our products continue to be handmade by either myself or Chris. True story, some are even made by the Mia Moo now.

And we've evolved. In 7 years we've grown to include some of my other passions such as tarot & oracle, books and incenses.

So please, sit yourself down and enjoy your journey.

Pauline xoxo

  • Slow down and enjoy your fragrance journey

    Once in a while, I'll smell something that just takes me back to a forgotten time and place.

    While you're here, check out our Fragrance List and be prepared to not be able to limit yourself to just one!

  • Winter is nearly here!

    Get rid of cold & flu symptoms naturally with our Breathe Easy Winter Essential Bundle

  • Hand-etched Crystal-infused Candles

    On the shelves now, our bestselling White Sage fragrance stars in our newest hand-etched, crystal-infused altar candles

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