Artisan Soap, Bath & Body


Now you can shop for your bath milks, salts and scrubs right here too! My favourite bath & body products are my detox sugar scrub, the perfumes and dry body oils and I am definitely partial to the shimmer.   

The White Sage & Palo Santo Smudge Soaps are lovely to use, and I'm so pleased with the feedback and reviews.. 

Behind the scenes - I heavily salt my distilled water when soapmaking - we all know that salt water is detoxifying, and fantastic for your skin.  Finally, heavily salted water helps create a harder, longer-lasting bar of soap. I just thought I'd share that little titbit of information there. 

In this collection we have:

  • 100% coconut oil soaps 
  • All natural, Bare Essentials Soaps
  • Bath Salts & Milks
  • Crystal Soaps
  • Clay Face Mud 
  • Detox Sugar Scrubs 
  • Fragranced bar soaps & chunks
  • Magnesium Soak & Spray
  •  Perfumes & Dry Body Oils
  • Smudge Soaps

I am trying to keep up with the soap demand, so please stay patient, I'm slowly getting there.  


Much love, Pauline xoxo