Artisan Soap

New to this journey of mine are my Crystal & Smudge Soaps! I'm in love!

The JOURNEY Artisan Soap Department is huge!  To make shopping easier, I've broken it up into separate listings.   The method behind this madness is that I thought you could buy by fragrance, easily find natural soaps or try something different like our new Smudge Soaps or Soap Cakes... 

I heavily salt my distilled water when soapmaking - we all know that salt water is detoxifying, and fantastic for your skin.  Finally, heavily salted water helps create a harder, longer-lasting bar of soap. 

My other favourite ingredients are kaolin clay, coconut cream, bamboo silk and more!  I super hope that you'll love the feel of our soaps! 

JOURNEY Bare Essentials Soaps are just that..  .. they're no frills, straight up awesomeness.  They are made using our Organic Hempseed Oil recipe in most cases, or sometimes there's some Jojoba or Avocado oils making an appearance.  If fragranced I have used essential oils. 

JOURNEY artisan soaps have travelled  all around Australia (my soaps go on their own journeys - get it?).. I just can't resist saying 'journey'... 

In this collection we have:

Crystal Soaps

Smudge Soaps

Fragranced bar soaps & chunks
100% coconut oil soaps 
All natural, Bare Essentials range 
Soap Cakes

Don't forget to always shine bright & believe in yourself, Pauline xoxo