JOURNEY Fragrance Mists and Dry Body Oils - Available in any fragrance

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The journey is the fun part..

100 ml bottles are OOS everywhere in this country! I have set a reminder in my phone to check back 16/10/2021  (that's their ETA) - in the meantime, please accept my apologies.  Please select 'email when available' to receive notification when this product hits the shelves again. 

I did however find 50 ml bottles! Enjoy! ❤️ 

Pauline x

JOURNEY fragrance mists and dry body oils are turning up in handbags everywhere. And cars.  And sheds.  And I know I shouldn't start a sentence with 'and'. Thanks for reminding me. 

Recently I scored a really cool, perfumers alcohol.  This means that I can make you an eau de toilette in your favourite fragrance! This alcohol can take a whopping 30% fragrance and/or essential oils, which BTW is 'shithot strong!' Dayum I'm a funny girl! 

If the idea of a super-strong parfum, in your choice of fragrance that's packaged in a funky, vintage style perfume bottle with bulb atomiser has you intrigued, it might be a good idea to eyeball our new Crystal Parfum Atomisers.  

Our Perfumes are now also available in all fragrances! It's always about giving you more choices.  If you forget to write your choice in the box, don't worry - we'll remind you!!! I forget stuff all the time.  Check out our Fragrance List here!

JOURNEY Dry Body Oil Sprays are heavenly for your skin! Simply spray after your shower, locking in intoxicating fragrance and moisture!!! Really they're just like a spray on lotion (and who wouldn't want that?) I've even been spraying my hands with the dry oil spray and running it through my mid to end lengths of my hair! It's a great de-frizz!!! Bonus points there! 

Our Chick Mists are another surprise! They're simple to use, and could be compared to an Impulse type body spray.  Team your Dry Body Oils & Chick Mists with our Solid Perfume for all day fragrance!

Lots of guys use the Man Mists for their bodies and/or their cars, sheds or man caves.  Our Chick/Man Mists are suitable for use as a linen/room spray also. Chris prefers the water based spray, because for some reason he says it's stronger.. I do know why.. It's because he truly sprays just his clothes, not his body.  The water-base evaporates slower than the eau de toilette... 


*Parfum Package is still a fragrance mist and dry body oil package. oil.. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Lynne Rogers
Joop and Narsisco Mist ☆☆☆☆☆

Absolutely love Journey and the mist products. I am not a first time buyer of Journey. Over the years I have bought products from different sellers and with hand on heart 100% Journey is the best I've ever purchased. The compliments I receive whilst wearing my mist is fabulously fattering . People are astounded when I say the mists from Journey not a purfume from a chemist or a high end store. The staff the product and the business are amazing I can't recommend them enough

Divinity in a bottle!

Love these fragrances and the formulas they come in!
Shout out to the girl who creates them, too!!! 🏆

Amy Grey

Argh! they smell so amazing, and everybody has been commenting on how good I smell

Amirah Black

You know when you get pretty, smelly things that are just so pretty and smelly you want to eat them? Yep. Please don't try to eat the body oil or fragrance mist but you get where I am going. Fucking amazing. Scent lasts forever. No reaction from finnicky skin. Compliments everywhere (I got the Five scent - Chanel No. 5 Dupe). Dry Body Oil soaks in super quick. Cannot recommend either product enough.

Chick mist is by fat the best I have every purchased in 30 years...

Absolutely love the chick mist. I bought it some time ago and I had nothing but compliments every time I wore it... My favourite is Narsisco Rodriguez Dupe ❤