JOURNEY Fragrance Mists and Dry Body Oils - Available in any fragrance

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The journey is the fun part..

JOURNEY fragrance mists and dry body oils are turning up in handbags everywhere. And cars.  And sheds.  And I know I shouldn't start a sentence with 'and'. Thanks for reminding me. 

Our Perfumes are now also available in all fragrances! It's always about giving you more choices.  If you forget to write in the box, don't worry - we'll remind you!!! I forget stuff all the time.  Check out our Fragrance List here!

JOURNEY Dry Body Oil Sprays are heavenly for your skin! Simply spray after your shower, locking in intoxicating fragrance and moisture!!! Really they're just like a spray on lotion (and who wouldn't want that?) I've even been spraying my hands with the dry oil spray and running it through my mid to end lengths of my hair! It's a great de-frizz!!! Bonus points there! 

Our Chick Mists are another surprise! They're simple to use, and could be compared to an Impulse type body spray.  Team your Dry Body Oils & Chick Mists with our Solid Perfume for all day fragrance!

Lots of guys use the Man Mists for their bodies and/or their cars, sheds or man caves.  Our Chick/Man Mists are suitable for use as a linen/room spray also.


*Parfum Package listing is for 2 oil.. 

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