Fragrance List - the hard part is picking just one!


Aqua di Gio type - (Giorgio Armani Dupe) A sexy, fresh, aquatic aroma with bergamot, neroli, and tangerine; flowing into mid notes of rosemary, jasmine, and persimmon; all sitting on a woodsy base note of essential oil of patchouli. 

Amalfi Coast – Encapsulating the feel of coastal roads and ocean views, an invigorating blend of wild freesia, fresh lime and lavender. A Glasshouse Dupe.

Asian Pear & Lily - A beautiful floral fruity accord with Nashi Pear and Lily of the Valley combined with musk, sweet pea and star jasmine.

Aussie Bush - Go for a walk through the Australian outback with this authentic fragrance with notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus.


Be Delish – Inspired by the fragrance of the same name - Give yourself a lift with this bright & fresh blend of green apple & grapefruit encased with tuberose, rose & violet and finished with musk & amber. Inspired by the DKNY fragrance of the same name.

Black Magic – Strong and powerful, our black magic fragrance oil is intoxicatingly fruity. 

Black Raspberry & Vanilla -  A spirited combination of black berries and raspberries head this alluring fragrance with pretty, white florals at its core, harmonised by resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk. 

Blame it on Rio - Exotic and wild, a rich fruity scent of passionfruit & lime top notes with middle notes of raspberry & orange and a base of red rose and honeydew melon. 

Blue Lagoon - This floral stunner begins with a dazzling, complex bouquet of lotus flower, lilies, jasmine petals, pink peonies, rose de mai, tuberose, and orange blossom. Clean white musk, ambrette, and lots of sandalwood balance the florals and provide a sultry, soft, long-lasting finish. Dupe of Ralph Lauren, Blue.

Blue Sugar - Aquolina Dupe for the guys! At the heart of this fragrance is a romantic floral bouquet with fresh green notes and rich patchouli. It also has and added vanilla base with soft musk and exotic woody tones.

Bubblicious - BEST SELLER! This fragrance is suitable for all products, and is one of our best sellers! This fragrance begins with top notes of effervesant strawberry and citrus, followed by coconut and hints of clove and finishes with sweet vanilla and sugar cane. Smells just like bubble gum fun! My daughter Rebekah’s absolute fave scent.


Candy Cane - Whether you are celebrating Christmas in July or just love a sexy mint fragrance, our Candy Cane fragrance oil is a wonderful combination of fresh peppermint leaves and sweet ripened strawberries, on a dry down of vanilla. 

Cleo -  BESTSELLER - Simply the muskiest, sexiest, most beguiling musk blend you will ever smell. 

JOURNEY'S OWN - Coffee Caramel - It is a mix of freshly brewed coffee and ** - SECRET INGREDIENT. The resulting aroma is JUST like the best Caramel Latte' mixed with fresh Espresso you've ever had. To die for.

Chai Latte - For a quintessential ode to summer with long, sunny days and warm, balmy nights, this fragrance resonates with a delightful melody of watermelon, canary melon and cantaloupes, combined with delicious notes of crisp apple, pomelo and Japanese grapefruit and a light dusting of tonka bean.

Champagne & Strawberries - BESTSELLING Fragrance! A distinctive combination of ripe strawberries and raspberries with notes of champagne and roses.

Cherry Blossom - Oriental-inspired cherry blossom with fruity and green top notes and a heart of jasmine, strawberry and rose combined with subtle ozonic notes.

Clean Linen - Fresh laundry smell, reminiscent of the clean, soothing memory of clean sheets sun dried on a warm summer day.

Cocktails & Dreams - A fun interpretation of Sex on the Beach classic tropical mixed drink that blends fresh pineapple and orange with tart cranberries. Notes of vodka and peach schnapps give this fragrance its “true to life” scent.

Coconut Cream - A fresh tropical summer scent of whipped cream and freshly grated coconut.

Cool Water type - This take off of Davidoff's masculine Cool Water scent possessesa blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood.



Dragons Blood  - This mysterious, haunting and alluring blend is extremely sophisticated and complex. With warming notes of amber, incense and a touch of patchouli.


Enchanted – A heart-opening aromatic blend of frankincense and myrrh with balsam, spice, patchouli and sandalwood.



Fifty  -  Sexy & alluring, Fifty is a powerful seductive scent which will send your senses into overdrive. A masculine aftershave type fragrance with sharp notes of bergamot & cedarwood coupled with warm leather & musk base notes. 

Five - Its top notes include ylang ylang and iris; its mid notes rose and jasmine; and its base notes sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla. Instead of the scent of flowers, Coco wanted a perfume that "reflects my personality, something abstract and unique". She believed that a perfume should serve to spotlight a woman's natural beauty using contrast - i.e. the artificial perfume would make the woman's natural beauty more evident. Inspired by Chanel’s bestselling fragrance of all time.

Flowerbomb – Brace yourself for a floral explosion of jasmine, rose & orchid and sweet & fresh addition of bergamot, black tea & patchouli. A dupe of the Viktor Rolph fragrance.

Flower Drum type - A tribute to all things floral, with gardenia, cyclamen and frangipani melded with touches of balsam, rosewood and jasmine.

French Pear - This variety of pear derives its name from the phrase Doyenne du Comice, meaning 'Top of the show', as they are often celebrated as the best pear variety. Originating in France, the fragrance is rich, juicy and meltingly smooth. An amazing pear fragrance.

Fresh Coffee - Dark, roasted coffee-bean fragrance with a touch of chocolate. The closest scent to real coffee in a fragrance. BEST SELLER!



Goji Berry & Taracco Orange - (upflifting, a bit of a quiet achiever)A wonderful fruity fusion of sweet goji berries, blackcurrant and grape blended with zesty blood orange, grapefuit and lime. A Glasshouse dupe. 

Grape Ape - Ripe red grape is blended with tart blood plum notes and a hint of sweet strawberry to create this enticing fruit fragrance. The short version? HUBBA BUBBA!!!!!!!!! Grape Ape! Grape Ape!!

Grapefruit & Lime - Grapefruit & Lime consists of fresh bursts of exotic Persian lime, juicy grapefruit and the sweetest of mangoes, only to be exquisitely coupled with the warmth of nutmeg, clove and delicious cinnamon. A wonderful tropical blend. 

Green with Envy - For a quintessential ode to summer with long, sunny days and warm, balmy nights, this fragrance resonates with a delightful melody of watermelon, canary melon and cantaloupes, combined with delicious notes of crisp apple, pomelo and Japanese Grapefruit and a light dusting of tonka bean. 


Hakuna Moscato - Packed full of fruitiness and doused in moscato with top notes of strawberry, pineapple and orange, a heart of cyclamen & cherry blossom and a base of peach nectar, apple & violet. 

Healing Spirit – Healing Spirit is a sophisticated masculine fusion of zesty bergamot, sage, amber and cedarwood.  Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Middle Notes: Sage Leaf, Clove and Base Notes: Amber, Cedarwood.


Hippy Chick -  A warming and luscious woody scent with top notes of bergamot and lemon peel, an earthy base of sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli, and hints of vanilla and white musk.

How Deep is your Love –Bursting with floral and citrus notes, this alluring scent is highlighted by mandarin and bergamot with classic florals rose and jasmine and finished with sensual musk and patchouli.  You don’t have to be a Bee Gees fan to love this oil.



Jaffa - A delightful combination of juicy, sweet orange enhanced by silky smooth Tahitian vanilla. Smells just like the lollies of the same name.

Joop Homme dupe - Interpretation of the signature Joop! Fragrance. A refined oriental, woody fragrance with top notes of bergamot & cinnamon, middle notes of Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Honeysuckle and base notes of sandalwood, tobacco and vetiver.


Kiss Your Dolly - (formerly Lolly Shoppe') Best Seller! A beautiful sweet combination that will delight the senses and bring back memories of 1 cent lollies and musk sticks.  



Lemongrass & Persian Lime - BESTSELLER! The unmistakable natural fresh citrus scent of lemongrass is combined with zesty lime, lemon peel and a soft floral undertone.  Unfortunately, this fragrance is not available in candles of any size. 

Lime, Coconut & Elderflower 
A fruity infusion of lime juice, bergamot peel and pineapple rounded out with coconut, elderflower with sweet hints of burnt sugar and caramel.

Lemon Myrtle - NOT SUITABLE FOR PLASTIC TEALIGHTS. Contains EO. Fresh green herbal notes perfectly combining with light citrus to create this unique Australian scent.

Like a Boss - IMPORTED FRAGRANCE. Hugo Boss Dupe. Freaking awesome.  Like a Boss fragrance oil is classified as a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine fragrance oil possesses a blend of oak, cedar, mandarin, musk and amber. Compare Like a Boss fragrance oil to Hugo Boss Fragrance. Top Notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Italian Lemon, Crisp Ozonic Notes, Mandarin, Mid Notes: White Geranium, Mate, Blue Lavender, Base Notes: Oakmoss, Clear Amber, Gaiac Wood, Oak, Cedar, Musk.

Lime, Basil & Mandarin - This premium fragrance combines fresh zesty citrus notes of lime and mandarin undertoned with notes of basil and herbs. A very unisex fragrance for everyone. Dupe of the famous Jo Malone fragrance.

Little Shop of Horrors - This fragrance features bergamot, lemon, citrus, and leafy top notes. Lilac, jasmine, geranium, lavender, violet, lily, and juniper are the middle notes with heliotrope and carnation spice base notes. My favourite floral out there. 



Makassar Ebony & Peach - A woody and fruity combination of balsam and cypress blended with fresh juicy peach and apple blossom. A Voluspa dupe.  Known at my place as 'Lisa's Peach 🍑'

Millionaire – A luxurious masculine aroma headlining blood orange and the spice of nutmeg and clove with a bold leather and woody base. Inspired by the Paco Rabone fragrance. 

Mixed Lollies - Fruity and full of vanilla. A lovely fragrance. (has been discontinued - get in before I run out) 

Monkey Farts - A very fruity fragrance with top notes of grapefruit, almond, lemon zest, banana, sparkling berries, mid notes of pineapple, guava, passionfruit, cinnamon, clove, white florals and coconut, supported with bottom notes of vanilla, sweet raspberry and light musk.

Morrigan Goddess – Fiercely feminist, ass-kickingly supernatural and dark, Morrigan fragrance oil is the perfect choice for incorporating into your dark rituals.  With top notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and pear.  Middle notes are coffee and jasmine and basenotes of my favourites, vanilla, patchouli and cedarwood this blend is intoxicatingly high end when worn as a parfum.

Mr Vanilla Bean - The unmistakable sweet and sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans with white musk middle note. 

Musk Sticks - Best-seller  *JUST LIKE THE LOLLIES*   Musky bottom notes combine with creamy vanilla and earthy patchouli, with mid notes of geranium, grated cinnamon stick, and mint leaf and a sparkling top note of fresh citrus mandarin.



Namaste - A delicate and spicy mix of white lotus, vanilla and patchouli that is both calming & sensuous.

Narcissist - Narciso Rodriguez dupe - a seductive blend of warm, woodsy Egyptian musk and enchanting patchouli spiced with the subtle sweetness of cinnamon, orange blossom, and hints of anise.  Compare this fragrance oil to Narciso Rodriguez Fragrance. *MY FAVE*

Nectarine Blossom & Honey type (Jo Malone dupe) - Like a market garden in spring, with nectarine & peach layered on cassis, spring flowers and sweet touches of honey, white pepper and cardamom.



Old Skool Vanilla - A traditional and simple vanilla. 


Papaya Passion  - A smooth & fruity fragrance true to the real fruit itself with hints of sensual patchouli and the earthiness of cedar. 

Passionfruit - Reminds you of a summer’s weekend in the backyard. Heady and sweet. Pure passion fruit. I remember my dad had a passionfruit plant when we were growing up.

Patchouli & Musk - Amber, patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver create the base for mid notes of geranium and violet, with light top notes of mandarin and lemon zest.

Peony Blush - Luxurious and sensual, displaying floral peony, rose and jasmine with hints of fuji apple, honeydew, white musk and amber.  Compare with Jo Malone perfume, Peony & Blush Suede

Pineapple Sangria  - A different take on the traditional sangria, with sweet strong pineapple, earthy ginger and a hint of coconut and mint. *has been discontinued - get in before I run out!*

Pink Lotus - Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon Peel, Middle Notes: Pink Camellia, Lotus Blossom, Base Notes: Amber, White Musk – Surround your senses with lemon, amber and white musk.


Pink Sugar -  Fresh, yet warm and tender, this rich and sweet fragrance combines the fruity top notes of strawberry, raspberry and citrus with indulgent vanilla and white musk. A beautifully rounded medley that will leave you wanting more!

Put the Lime in the Coconut - BEST SELLER! 
A luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lemon and lime on a delicate heart of creamy coconut and fresh florals. Vanilla notes and sandalwood round out the blend.

Protection – Our Protection fragrance is an intoxicating aroma of warm birch and pure vanilla.  Blossoms of sweet tobacco, hints of crushed clove, spicy cinnamon, and warm patchouli round out this blend.   Use when casting Protection spells, smudging and to invite prosperity into your heart and home.



Redskins - A harmonious fusion of tart raspberry sweetened by the summer sun. Smells just like the lollies of the same name!



Saffron & Sandalwood - An exotic and soothing scent that comprises citrus, saffron, jasmine and violet, all resting on base notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli.  

Samsara type - A sensual and sophisticated woody fragrance. The top notes are juicy and fresh with Bergamot, lemon, ylang ylang and peach. The middle notes are comprised of a complex floral blend of jasmine, iris, narcissus, violet and rose all held together with a base of sandalwood, amber, musk and a hint of vanilla.

Sea Salt Caramel - SUPER SUPER SUPER SWEET A sweet base of vanilla, maple and sea salt with creamed butter and silky smooth caramel.

Seduction - A potent blend of neroli petals and ylang ylang blossoms beside white jasmine, tuberose, citrus peel, cumin & nutmeg.  You’d be forgiven for thinking this scent is just like a high-end perfume.  

Si’ – A Giorgio Armani dupe of the same name.  An exquisite feminine accord of red rose and freesia complimented by vanilla, patchouli, amber and sandalwood.

Smells Like Teen Spirit (great unisex kinda smell) - Clean & fresh with spearmint, lime zest and additonal ozone notes balanced with lavender, fresh cut grass and a slight woody spicy finish of cedarwood & nutmeg. This fragrance reminds me of Lynxx Deodorant.  

Soul Mate – A platter of the most nectarous ingredients, Soul Mate can only be described as ambrosial with delicious passion fruit and guava notes at the heart, and pink grapefruit adding a sweet richness to this complex blend. 

Spirit Guide - Sandalwood essential oils with notes of frangipani, patchouli, vanilla, musk and amber. Use when meditating.



Unicorn Farts - I mean, "How else could unicorn farts smell other than smelling like a sweet flowering vine?"  There's top notes of their favourite fruit mandarin, and middle notes of fragrant neroli  - the beautiful flower that unicorns use to make garlands.  This magical fragrance is finished with strong notes of vanilla bean.



Vanilla Cashmere - Built on a base of luxurious vanilla, this scent also combines floral notes of violet and rose with a slight woody, musky finish. A dupe of the Kenzo’s iconic fragrance, Flower.

Vintage Lavender - An enchanting meadow fringed with springs of lavender. A lovely mild lavender fragrance.

Vintage Sandalwood - A rich, sweet, earthy scent. A scent for healing and truth. 



Watermelon Lemonade - BBW Type - BEST SELLER! A little reminder of long hot summer days with this refreshing blend of watermelon, lemon and casaba melon top notes, a heart of marine accords all on a sweet base of blackberry and vanilla bean. This fragrance will make your mouth water. 



Updated 22/05/2022