Tibetan prayer flags - Dar Cho, celebrate your universe

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Tibetan prayer flags  are simple devices that, coupled with the natural energy of the wind, quietly harmonize the environment, impartially increasing happiness and good fortune among all living beings. 


The Tibetan word for prayer flag is Dar Cho. "Dar" means to increase life, fortune, health and wealth. "Cho" means all sentient beings. The red, blue, yellow, white and green buddhist prayer flags represent elements like air, fire, water and earth. White symbolises air, red is fire. Green is water, yellow is earth, and blue is wind. They also represent directions – North, South, East, West and Center.

Om- The sacred syllable
Mani- Jewel
Padme – Lotus
Hum – Spirit of enlightenment

This mantra does not have one particular meaning. It’s a combination of values like compassion, ethics, patience, diligence, renunciation and wisdom.

Hang them high and in the breeze!

They should never be still - The reason why they are put high above the roof is so that they flutter in the wind. It is said that they emit positive spiritual vibrations and that the prayers are carried by the wind like silent prayers. 

Receiving Tibetan prayer flags as a gift from someone and not buying them is how you should acquire a prayer flag.

It is considered disrespectful if your Tibetan Prayer Flags touch the ground. Therefore, they should always been hung at a height. Around the frame of the doorway is considered the right place to put the flags.

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| about this item | Available in 2 sizes, 10cm x 10cm and 2cm x 20xcm, Tibetan Prayer Flags  Approx 25 flags per string.  Made in Nepal.