Go Smudge Yourself!

Hi everyone!

Now it's easy as to say goodbye to bad JUJU forever more with our fantastic White Sage products - We stock White Sage, Black Sage, Palo Santo and there's Native Smudges like Eucalypt & Lavender.

My Smudge Perfumes and soaps mean you can smudge while you're at the Coles checkout, at work, or even watching the kids play soccer! We also have loads of smudge accessories like shells and feathers. 

If you're new to smudging then why not grab one of our kits?  They contain all you need to know to get rid of that prankster of a Poltergeist you've got chill'n in your pantry cupboard.  I mean that is who's eating all the chocolate right? 

And I'm slowly building an information library filled with spiritual inspiration and 'how to' sheets, never forgetting that if I can do something anyone can.

Smudge bright!

Pauline xoxo