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  • Palo Santo Chips - Perfect for Smudging / Burning with Herbs & Resins - JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles
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burn on charcoal to remove negative energies

Palo Santo Chips - Perfect for Smudging / Burning with Herbs & Resins

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Our ethically-sourced Palo Santo is one heavy duty cleansing tool that is easy peasy to use. 

For best results, burn on charcoal. 


Palo Santo correspondences:

Latin name:  Bursera graveolens

Folk Name:  Holy Wood

Elements:  Air, Water

Planets:  Mercury, Venus

Signs:  Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius

Chakras:  Sacral Chakra, Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra

Using Palo Santo in the ancient ritual of smudging is a great way to feel at peace within yourself, reawaken your senses, and continue on your journey towards living a life filled with love, self-growth, and happiness.

How to Use: 

Simply sprinkle onto your charcoal tablet as part of your spell-casting or resin burning rituals.  You could use ground Palo Santo in a spell/manifestation jar, a herb sachet and more.  I use the milled Palo Santo in my Palo Santo Experience Smudge Soap. 

Palo Santo has great healing properties:

  • Relieves headaches and helps with the common cold
  • Relieves stress and anixety 
  • Reduces inflammation and allergies 

Palo Santo is famous for its spiritual energies because it:

  • Creates good vibes and energy
  • Cleanses the workplace and home

Unlike other wood species the Palo Santo has to fall off naturally, for example in the form of a branch falling from the tree and lying on the ground for some time in order to be processed as an incense stick, chips or cone. It is for this reason that no living tree is felled for this product, otherwise the healing and special properties would be lost.

Palo Santo is a mystical dry forest tree and is also called 'sacred wood' translated . The tree blooms yellow and has hard, resinous wood. The Palo Santo tree is regarded as strong and resilient, living under extremely harsh conditions prevalent in South America in the highlands of the Andes. Palo Santo belongs botanically to the Bursera family. The special feature is a high resin content (Copal resin) in the wood.

If you've never used resin incense or burned herbs or powders before, but like the sound of Palo Santo then you may be interested in-


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Gorgeous smelling items

Thank you for the quality incense and resin, my house smells great!