How to Burn Resin Incense / Use Charcoal Tablets

How to use your Resin Incense burner and play with fire safely. 

If it's your first time burning resins, powders or herb then these instructions are for you!

There really is something special and magical about burning resins and the best part about burning incense this way is that you can make your own  - which means a closer connection with spirit, amplified purpose and intention and last but not least, you can create incense that smells fantastic without any chemicals. 


You'll Need:

Resins really are the original incense.  Resins will not burn on their own, at a minimum they require charcoal tablets and a charcoal incense burner.

  1. Fill your charcoal burner 1/4 - 3/4 full with sand or rocks to absorb some of the heat. Then place your burner on a heat resistant surface, such as a ceramic coaster or tile, as the bottom of the burner will become very hot and may result in damage to your surface. (I use vintage saucers and random kitchen tiles) 
  2. Using tongs to hold the charcoal tablet, light it.  You'll hear a sizzle.   We only sell 'quicklite' tablets.  They are much easier to light.  Once lit, place the hot charcoal onto the bed of sand inside your charcoal burner or onto the mesh screen if you burner has one (I prefer to flip the mesh screen so it creates a bowl-like shape). Allow the charcoal 5-15 minutes to fully come to temperature indicated by a layer of ash forming on the tablet. Some of our charcoal can be a bit fiddly to catch on, however the 
  3. Using a metal spoon, add a very small amount of resin on top of the hot charcoal releasing the fragrant incense smoke. Repeat as desired until the charcoal is exhausted.
  4. When finished, allow the charcoal to completely cool in the burner. When in doubt, dowse it with water. I keep my ash from each tablet, using that to sit the next tablet on top. 

CAUTION: At no time should you touch the charcoal tablet once lit or attempt to move the charcoal burner. Both will be very hot and will burn you.  Do not leave burning charcoal or burning incense unattended. Allow for proper air ventilation in the room where you are burning incense.



Magick Tips:

  • Add ground cinnamon to your resin – it smells amazing and brings good fortune.
  • Grab the kids and write your wishes on bay leaves. Break them up and add them to your resin.  Bay Leaves smell fabulous burning.
  • Add Rosemary – it’s one of those herbs that is almost dry when you pick it, so just wait a few hours and it’s ready to burn.
  • Experiment with your herbs at home. There’s heaps of information on the Internet about burning resins and herbs.
  • Post pics of your smoky awesomeness.
  • KEEP YOUR ASH – I use it to make black salt and to rest future charcoal tablets on in my cauldron. (Black salt is used in protection spell casting and more).


Shine brightly on your journey,

Pauline xoxo





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