Witch's Salt, Black Salt - Protect & Banish Negativity

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Pagans, Wiccans, and Voodoo Practitioners use black salt in rituals. It is intended to be used to keep negative energy away. 

It's most often seen as a tool when casting spells for protection of your family and home, but you can also use it to banish people, keeping away unwanted guests and when breaking curses and hexes. 

Black Salt can also be used to charge scrying mirrors, as well as for casting circles.


"From Earth to Air, 

and here to there.

I grind you fine, with love and care.


Through pestle to essence, 

here I sow.  

From whole to powder, on mortar you go.


Round & round,

may your power grow. 

And continue to let your energy flow."

Made with Himalayan pink salt, natural sea salt, cauldron ash and activated charcoal, this black salt has been ground to provide you with protection from negativity.  

Simply sprinkle around your property line while chanting:

"Negative energy go away.  In salt's presence you cannot stay.  

This salt brings 'protection' (keeps my neighbour at bay, brings me prosperity, banishes that old man who let's his dog chase my cats - basically you insert your intention here) to my home and hearth. 

I give thanks to the Goddesses and Mother Earth.

By day and night, and powers three. 

This is my will, so mote it be."

You can also pop some in a little baggy and pop it under your desk at work. 

Just don't tell your boss.. .. .. ..

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