Witch's Salt, Black Salt - Protect & Banish Negativity

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Black Salt is a powerful ingredient in many rituals. 

It's most often seen as a tool when casting spells for protection of your family and home, but you can also use it to banish people, keeping away unwanted guests and to break curses and hexes.

Here are some uses for Black Salt

  • Draw a line with the salt in front of your windows, property boundaries and/or your gates
  • ·Place some in the corners of your bedroom to eliminate negativitty 
  • Place some in a sachet on or near your desk at work to stop gossip and rumours
  • Place some in a sachet under your pillow or bed to prevent nightmares
  • Dump some in your bath when you are feeling angry or depressed
  • Use it to create a circle of protection
  • Use it to charge scrying mirrors
  • Anoint yourself for added protection
  • Sprinkle the black salt across your doorway while naming the person (or people) whom you do not want to enter your home again and why.
  • Throw it behind Aunt Flo (cover her footprints out of your home) as she leaves to stop her coming back


My black salt is made with Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt and my cauldron and incense ash. 


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Cheryl Brown
Black salt

Excellent! Great quality😃