Clear Quartz Tumbles

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Angel: Michael

Gods/Goddesses: The Great Mother, Daramulun, the Great Rainbow Snake, Hecate, Yemaya, Olokun & Klehanoui

Chakra: Crown

Element: Water, Fire 

Astrological Sign: Cancer, Leo

Planet: Moon, Sun

Sabbat: Imbolc, Midsummer, Samhain


Using Quartz to Ease Unhappiness Spell

If you are feeling out of sorts or can't shake off a sadness, try this simple spell to lift your spirits. During a New Moon phase, take a piece of clear quartz and place it on a bed of sea salt, either on a small plate or in a bowl. Light a white candle next to it and say this spell 9 times... 

"Painful feelings leave me, bring joy and pleasure swiftly. Angels heal my suffering, light up my heart with speed."  Wiccapedia, a Modern-day White Witch's Guide, Robbins and Greenaway, 2014, P. 111

Clear quartz absorbs energy from the Sun and the life-force in the trees and plant life. It also draws down Divine light. It stores all this energy to be released as needed. This energy is released as white light that can be absorbed by any chakra. It also raises the vibrational level of its surroundings.

If you're not feel'n the healing vibes clear quartz is putting out - check out our Crystal Collection  - you might just find what you're looking for.. 

Care & Cleansing

Cleanse frequently using incense/sage smoke or in sunlight, or saltwater. If you wish to use a singing bowl, use the bowl near your clear quartz. Do not put the stone in the bowl as the vibrations against the bowl may damage the points. Recharge under a plant under either the sun or the moon. 

You can also use the power of the Moon to cleanse and charge your crystals. Time your intent with the lunar phase to amplify your intention.  


Last, but definitely not least
We love choosing your crystals intuitively. The pictures on our website represent the quality of the stones and their approximate sizing, however it's important that you are aware that each stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations. We promise you'll love your stones just as much as we did choosing them for you.
Shine brightly on your journey, Pauline & Chris x  

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