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Dried Passionflower - Ease Your Worries

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Passionflower Correspondences:

Passiflora incarnate, passionflower, P.Lutea, passion flower, also known as apricot Vine, May pop, passion vine

Zodiac: Libra
Solar system: Venus
Element: water
Energy: Yin, feminine 

Issues, Intentions and Powers: anxiety, attraction, spirits for balance, emotional challenges, clarity, confidence, consciousness, dream work, friendship, the home, the peaceful mind, passion, peace, purification, sleep, spirituality, emotional stability.


Sleeping is the most effective way for witches to reset their bodies, spirit, and mind to conquer greater life adversities as a new day begins. Placing a sprig of dried Passionflower beneath your pillow will encourage a good night’s sleep. Make an incense using petals of Passionflower and allow its smoke to spread across your room, this gives a relaxing feeling and calms your mind and spirit to give you a deep and satisfying sleeping time.



Wearing an amulet with a touch of Passionflower in it before going out helps to dispel negative forces from stealing your happiness. Also, carrying Passionflower lucky charms will bless you with happiness that multiplies to anywhere you go and with anyone you are with.



Witches can make use of their Passionflower plant for romantic purposes by making it a part of their love charms. Let love cling to you and your homestead by carrying dried Passionflower leaves or root in a red flannel bag dressed with a love oil.  You may also bath in an infusion of Passionflower in five straight days to attract the opposite sex.



Peace, unity, and harmony. Passionflower calms troubles and arguments between families. Use this herb as a wash to diminish disagreements and chaotic situations. Put a cup of tea outside during the full moon and add it on your bath water for it to fill you with peace.



Let Passionflower facilitate its ability of intense healing in the heart, by carrying it in a green cloth bag with you. Boil this herb and add two cups of light virgin oil and create a magical essential oil that can be applied on your temples and wrists to heal any present problems that occur in relationships.


Passion Flower Medicinal Properties

Reduces Menopausal Effects

Passionflower is thought to lessen the effects brought by menopause like hot flushes and urinary tract infections.



Herbalists believe that Passionflower has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and redness in the skin.


Lessens Sugar Levels

It is believed that Passionflower reduces blood sugar levels by maintaining the body’s healthy blood circulation.


Cures Respiratory Ailments

Passionflower is believed to relieve whooping coughs and cure asthma attacks.


Improves Sleep

Herbalists believe that Passionflower lowers brain activity which helps in relaxing your body to sleep better.  Drink as a tea before bed.


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