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Large Aquamarine Tumbles

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Energy: receptive
Element: water
Planet: moon
Deities: poseidon/neptune
Powers: psychic abilities, courage, peace & purification
Candle colour: turquoise
Astrology: Aquarius 
Tarot:  The Hanged Man 


Aquamarine is the stone of the Sea goddesses of past times. Beads of aquamarine we're found in ancient Egyptian mummy pits. 

Magical uses:  aquamarine isa semi precious a variety of Beryl, is a pale blue green colour and so has long been associated with the sea and with the element of water. See witches cleanse the stone in ocean water at night by the light of the full moon. To do the same far from the coast, fill a blue vessel with water, add sea salt, and let the stone set in this mix overnight.


In magic, this beautiful stone is worn or carried to enhance the use of psychic powers. Holding a crystal of the stone, or wearing a faceted aquamarine around the neck, reduces our conscious Minds hold on the psychic mind and allows the ever-present psychic impulses to be heard and to enter our consciousness.


Because the Aquamarine is a cleansing and purifactory stone, it can be worn or rubbed on the body as part of the purification prior to magical acts. A large crystal can also be worn or placed in the bathtub during cleansing dips.


A gentle, cleansing tincture can be made by placing an aquamarine stone in a glass of fresh water. Let this sit in full moonlight outdoors if possible, for 3 hours. Retrieve the stone and drink the liquid for purification and heightened psychic awareness.


Aquamarine is used much like the amethyst in soothing and calming emotional problems. The stone of peace, joy and happiness, especially in relationships. Aquamarines exchanged by mates help smooth the path of their interactions, and it is a most magically appropriate gift for a bridegroom to give his bride on the day of their nuptials.


Aquamarine is worn or carried as a protective amulet while sailing or flying over water. When packing for a trip on water whether a river cruise or a journey across the Pacific Ocean, tuck & Aquamarine in your suitcase to guard against Storms. Fishermen and Sailors have long made it there special amulet against danger.


Aquamarine has also been worn to relieve the pain of toothache and to cure illness of the stomach throat and jaw.


As a charm, the Aquamarine is worn to ensure good health, to hold fear so as to strengthen the courage hiding behind it, and for alertness of the mindful.

Reference ūüďö

Cunningham's Encyclopaedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, 2021, page 86 - 87. 



If you're not feel'n like Aquamarine is the stone for you - check out our Crystal Collection - you might just find what you're looking for.

There's something fab about the tumbled stone that makes them the perfect gift,  whether you're starting out or you've got a trillion. You can never have too many.  

They're so versatile! You can pop them in your pocket (or bra), use them in craft (check out our crystal chips while youre here), place them under your pillow and I love to use them to make powerful, healing crystal grids. 

Check out our I'll Tumble 4 Ya Collection - it just keeps growing! 


Care & Cleansing 

Cleanse and recharge your * by *.  You can also use the power of the Moon to cleanse and charge your crystals.  Time your intent with the lunar phase to amplify your intention. 

Last, but definitely not least
We love choosing your crystals intuitively. The pictures on our website represent the quality of the stones and their approximate sizing, however it's important that you are aware that each stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations. We promise you'll love your stones just as much as we did choosing them for you.
Shine brightly on your journey, Pauline & Chris x  



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