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Use for cleansing, attraction & dream magic

Lavender Essential Oil

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Cleansing Spells
Attraction Spells
Love Spells
Healing and Longevity Spells
Dream Magic

Lavendula officinale 

Folk Names: Elf Leaf, Nard, Nardus, Spike
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Signs:  Pisces, Virgo
Deities: Selene
Chakras: Third Eye

Powers: Chastity, Happiness, Longevity, Love, Peace, Protection, Purification, Sleep

Magical Uses and History: Lavender has a long and rich history, especially in regards to love spells.

The scent of lavender is said to attract love and men. Several centuries ago prostitutes wore lavender water or essential oil to advertise and magically attract customers.

  • Wearing lavender or anointing your clothing with it will attract love, but also protect against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse. 
  • Try adding 30 mls of carrier oil such as grapeseed, almond, safflower, sunflower to approximately 20 drops of Lavender to anoint candles, your altar. You could even  infuse that oil with an appropriate crystal to further amplify your intention.
  • Try popping your oils out under the full moon to power em up!

Despite its strong  association with love, when combined with rosemary it is said to preserve one’s chastity. 

  • Lavender flowers are also burned to induce sleep or scattered around the house to bring peace.

In fact, lavender is so powerful it is able to reverse depression when gazed upon - apparently, FYI that hasn't actually happened to me yet. 

Medicinal Uses:  Lavender is the most effective herb to treat headaches, especially those caused by stress. It is also effective in treating depression and can be used to promote sleep. Lavender oil can be used externally to help ease rheumatism. To treat depression you can combine lavender with Rosemary, Kola nut, or Skullcap. For headaches, combine with Lady's Slipper of Valerian.

My obsession with all things natural and magical is not a new thing.  I laaa-love essential oils, resins and oil infusions.  If you're interested in checking out my collection of essential oils and essential oil blends, you are more than welcome.  Please let me know if you are looking for something in particular - that's what I'm here for!   If you're a lover of cards we stock The Essential Oil Healing Deck by Michelle Schoffro Cook.  It's a wonderful reference to use in your practice as well as the book Mixing Essential Oils for Magic, Sandra Kynes.  These resources are fantastic for using when creating your own blends!

New to our website, is the Essential Oils Book of Shadows (BOS) pdf that I created.  You are welcome to print out as many as you like - add them to your book and add to your magic with correspondences.  

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