Raw Lepidolite, The Stone of Peace

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Embrace peace 
Prevent Nightmares 

Zodiac: Libra
Solar system Colin Jupiter, Neptune
Energy: Yin
Element: Water
Chakras: Brow, Heart
Number: 8

Issues, intentions and Powers: balance, change /s , concentration/ Focus, emotions, Harmony, love, luck, manifestation, the mind (change bracket, negativity, nightmares, order/ organise, peace, protection, psychic ability, shyness, spirituality, stress.

These stones are perfect for your altar or use them to make a crystal grid! 

Reference: Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences, Kynes, S 1950, 10 printing 2020, page 235 

Lepidolite relieves exhaustion and aids in the relief of tension and related disorders. It can relieve allergies and greatly help with epilepsy and Alzheimers. It numbs sciatica and neuralgia, and overcomes joint problems. Lepidolite stabilises mood swings and is excellent for the menopause. 

Reference:  Charms of Flight, Lepidolite Healing Properties

Buying crystals online is all about being drawn to what you see.  While you're here you are welcome to eyeball our Crystal Collection - you might just find something you're looking for. 

This listing is for 5 pieces. 

Care & Cleansing

Cleansing raw lepidolite frequently using incense/sage smoke is a safe option.  If you wish to use a singing bowl, use the bowl near your Mangano Calcite - Do not put these stones in the bowl as the vibrations against the bowl may damage the crystals. Recharge under a plant under the moon.

When using the Moon to cleanse and charge your crystals you can time your intent with the lunar phase to further amplify your intention. 

Last, but definitely not least
We love choosing your crystals intuitively. The pictures on our website represent the quality of the stones and their approximate sizing, however it's important that you are aware that each stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations. We promise you'll love your stones just as much as we did choosing them for you.
Shine brightly on your journey, Pauline & Chris x  

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